Monthly Archives: October 2014

Let there be fun in the valley for us!


A great day out, after a slow start at Sandwell Valley and Dartmouth park.  We picked up my sister E and finally met her new kitten Percy-mega cute!  We deceided to head out to Sandwell Valley as it’s not far and there was something for everyone.  We played on the equipment at Dartmouth park, Ot and Tig enjoyed demonstrating their prowess with the gym machines.  Ate a little lunch then walked up to the smaller play area on the hill with a sandpit where we swung, spun and dug for a while.

 After that it was time to walk the dog!  We headed around the sculpture trail in Sandwell Valley then over to the Priory and Priory woods.  Tig was really good at recognising Hawthorn, and Elder as well as B and Tig noticing Willow, everyone spotted oak and holly and I showed B Ash.  Sherlock managed to dive into an algae covered pond so is very stinky and needs a bath!!!  Everyone was tired out by the time we got back to the car but still managed to find the energy to collect some conkers and have a sneaky cheeseburger or McFlurry from Mcdonalds.

We dropped E of home 

and then headed back to veg out with soem screens-we are all feeling a little tired after this week *yawn*


Climb every mountain…..


…yesterday felt a bit like that, like it was a mountain to climb.  New place to drive to, new activity to do, new people to meet, new skills to learn (and be tested on)….a whole heap of new which for the boys was exciting but for me was a bit of an axiety mountain.  One which, with the help of friends, we managed to climb and plant our flag on.  We all had a fab day climbing; I learned how to belay and Tig has decided that next time we go, he’d like to have a go to! B loved climbing and ringin the bell and Ot enjoyed climbing to the top of the wall.  B and Ot also enjoyed having a go at bouldering.

Ot and Tig had the second part of their gym induction, focusing on weights.  Ot found the listenening and not talking at the instructor more challenging-perhaps because I didn’t remind, perhaps because he was more relaxed, perhaps tired or perhaps just because that’s one of the challenges he faces.  Despite this, he enjoyed it and is looking forwards to going again.