Monthly Archives: March 2009

February Summing Up!


Hmmm….well my current way of remembering is to look at the pics I’ve taken but I didn’t take that many in Feb!

There was the snow and lots of playing;Ot learning to write letters and writing Sonic and the

RIchard writing thank you cards

Richard being 6

Ot sounding out and reading words whenever he spots them

Ben trying to talk

Sorting using Ven diagrams

Building with lego

Ot navigating the internet to get to Sonic games al on his own (including speeling in the search engine!)



Starting tidying the garden

Walksa along the canal

Visiting the Nature Centre

Richard getting his Karate uniform

RIchard swimming with no armbands

Lots of drawing

lots of Ben 10 playing

lots of DSing on Dino and animal genius

The washing machine broke!

Going to Cadbury world

Making paper

making omnitrix’s from cardboard and lego

listening to the famous five every night!

That’s all I can remember…..