Monthly Archives: July 2011

Nearly Holiday Time…


Well, it’s nearly time to set of for our week away in Devon.  It’ll be a bit odd being away without dh but we’ve promised to have lots of fun and the boys are planning to send a post card a day.

We’ve finished weather, Ot had a lovely birthday, had Dad and everyone round for dad’s 60th and generally been busy.  Lots of playing, B loved going to the farm and loves guiniea pigs, lots of trampolining, some swimming for me and El, addicted to the apprentice, enjoyed waterloo road, eating to much and enjoying the sun.  My computer totally broke…couldn’t load up at all and dh fixed it-genius!  Took a bit to recover all the data, format and reinstall everything but marvelous!

Photo Round Up

Ot is 6…


Strawberry picking at Essington


Tig’s Lego


Some more weather stuff


Ot let B help but insisted that B had to colour in the lines.  After Ot moved onto something else, B continued to colour reminding himself to stay in the lines!


El’s 19th