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Bank Holiday Weekend


Today has been an odd day, after breakfast Ot inserted the next island into game maker and his scrolling platform with me and I finally figured out what we had done incorrectly-move command so now the islands scroll properly.  Tomorrow it will be time for the plane!  I actually managed to get my piano practice done for 10 minutes and I am working on a Chopin piece (not half as complicated as that sounds!)  Tig and I worked on the 1st 2 bars of his next song in the piano book so worked on a different rhythm, back in 4/4 time and introduced e to the RH.  He found it hard and had mini-melt downs but calm and gentle humour worked and he succeeded and liked the feeling :0)

I updated the blog entries and stuck in pics and published them all as well as downloading all the pics from the camera and iphone to my computer.  Rich played a dino hunting game on the Wii with the boys which is a multi player with Ot and then Tig.

Rich has go the PC in the living room working at a much better speed and got the ipad/iPhone wire connecting them to the TV working which was good fun too.

We met up with my sis S in Ikea as she wanted to give me my B’day pressie and card (and open them although it’s not until Tuesday).  Some lovely Yankee candles yum!  Her engagement ring was lovely and really suited her hand :0)  Was nice to see her although a bit brief.  We picked up the smaller drawers so we could begin project –sort the Lego!  We sorted one bigger drawer when we got back and will do the second and odd bits and pieces tomorrow.

B was really upset at me going and clinging-so unlike him so he came too.  I’m now a bit worried about how he’s going to handle me going back to work on Friday….

I made Pizza for everyone else’s tea and I had Lemon cream chicken with asparagus, broccoli and cheesy cauliflower!

Chunk of garden playing, trampolining and I realised the plants had not been watered oops!  Really need to get some more compost tomorrow and get some more seeds going… get the outside tap working again.

We played the dino hunting game together before bed-the narrative between each section is really good with some great sentence structure and vocab plus it’s good for hand/eye coordination, team playing and managing anger/frustration and persevering plus it’s helping Ot to develop ideas for creating his own games…therefore it is educational!

There seems lots of ideas and interest in the home ed coop group from people in then mids so I am really hoping we can find venues and stuff that works for everyone’s styles and needs as I just have a feeling it could be brill.


Angry Birds


All week, making angry birds to catapult has been on our things to do; On Friday afternoon we finally settled down to do it :0)

We used stretchy sculpy (which didn’t stretch so must check the instruction!) for the birds and pigs and marshmallows and spaghetti for the structures.  Would def be worth having another go at the spaghetti bt wonder if blutack would work or we could use straws and selotape or artstraws….

Have a look at the photos!

DSC05693DSC05694 - CopyDSC05694DSC05695 - CopyDSC05697DSC05703 - CopyDSC05704 - CopyDSC05706 - CopyDSC05710DSC05711DSC05714DSC05716DSC05719

Unfortunately we didn’t take a picture before we fired the angry birds so they’re all a bit battered now :0)

Last Week of April


So I started low carbing again after my Easter holiday piggery hopefully I’ll shed the extra pounds and fit into summer clothes-more importantly I’m hoping my energy and fitness levels increase as I can feel a difference at this weight.  This week I’m just planning on sticking to the food plan and then start to re-introduce exercise the week after.

Screen time is a bit of an issue at the moment, over Easter it’s been a free for all for everyone and what I noticed was I was being sucked in and Ot was the same, all he did was play on Carnivores or a version of or WOW with me.  Tig tends to use the screen to look at you tube to help him build Lego and B whilst he’ll watch and play for a bit goes off to the garden or to do something else or asks someone to do something else….it’s bad when the 3 year old self regulates better than anyone else in the house!

Whilst I know that for lots of people unlimited screen time eventually pans out and they self regulate I really think that for Ot and me setting some kind of limits or times is necessary at the moment.  So we can all have screen time after we are dressed but before breakfast.  After that I don’t use the computer for emails (unless we’re asking for help on something) or gaming and the boys have to ask if they want screen time to help them with something.  We’ve made a list on of sites which we can use during the day and in the morning they can have 30 minutes on whatever they choose from the list.  Also they can do their spelling time or whizz without asking and they are allowed to check and reply to their emails.  Plus they can use the computer for uploading videos, editing movies, make games on scratch or movie maker etc. etc.  but just a quick double check with me and in the kitchen or living room.

After we’ve eaten breakfast we make a list of things to do, some things we plan to do together and others are individual.  I ask them to suggest something maths/writing based and then offer suggestions but they choose and they choose how much e.g. if Ot chooses book maths he specifies 4 questions and mommy scribes.  Kind of a balance also they are free to choose cooking etc. Lego maths was one of Tig’s suggestions but the Lego is so impossible to find stuff at the moment I said no but we’re going to get new drawers and sort on Saturday.  I need to move the focus of the maths away from written and whizz a little and start suggesting board games and card games etc.  They know some but we are not playing them and there are loads more.  I also think getting out the number friends would be useful-they both need some more practical stuff.  I am thinking of re-vamping and re-starting the maths drawers we had which have some manipulative it so that the games are in there in bags and that the practical stuff has some suggestions or challenges with them so they can get it out and do something different…so that some new stuff is introduced.  I also really like the Penrose maths stories and the Sir Cumference ones..these stories (like the greedy triangle have led us to fun places before but I seem to have forgotten them.) 

A lot of the writing based stuff has been spelling time, some colouring of phonics with writing emails.  I noticed Ot’s letter and number formation has  become odd in places and suggested we grab out the sandpaper letters and the wipe of letters again.  I think that he (a bit like me) needs to stick with printing and develop his own way.

Tig sat down with me and planned the choose your own adventure story outline and we have2 or 3 other families interested in doing that on Google cloud which hopefully will be good fun.

Ot completed the 1st tutorial in game maker with me but I think that it was too fast so might suggest he makes some instruction videos…we started the 2nd one but the instructions were not so good-I think that I need to do it first so that it’s clearer and works for him.  he was really please with his fruit game :0)

Tig has used Lego designer to upload a design for a transforming micro Nemesis Prime.

Ot is loving the trampoline at the moment even more than usual and baths are really calming.  Extreme emotions seem to be returning and we’re having to work on using words and saying out loud a bit at the moment as well as hugging protocol ;0)!

B is loving playing outdoors, unfortunately daddy fell on his wigwam getting the washing in and broke 2 of the poles so we need to try and get a broom stale or dowel that will fit.

B has started to recognise some numbers and some letters and is still loving puzzles and Duplo.  He is still into Eric Carle in a really BIG way and Jaffa cakes too :0)

Tig is working on controlling his voice and trying not to tell people what to do and ask as well as losing the name calling he’s picked up from TV.

Tig got into weddings on Thursday, prob due to the royal wedding.  He found out a bit about a Shinto wedding and  a Muslim wedding and some teddies got married.  He wanted to watch the wedding on Friday so we all did and had fish and chips, some interesting discussions about why you get married.

Easter Hunt


The traditional Easter hunt went well.  Great excitement and much fun to be had solving the clues and finding eggs and choc all over the place.  They ate so much choc that other food was surplus to requirements.  Nanny and Granddad popped round with Easter cards and eggs to decorate which the boys enjoyed.  Tig instantly started planning how he would spend his £10!


This is B and his grabber asleep after a chocolate fest. with his bowl!


On Bank holiday Monday we walked into Brownhills and Tig got a new transformer, as did Ot and B chose a grabber and some bubble blowers.  B had great fun with Aunty E in the garden making huge bubbles :0)

We can’t remember much else so it was more than likely lots of garden fun, computer playing and general lazy loveliness!

Good Friday


So, here I am totally awake when I should be asleep but I have managed to find some possibilities for Ot’s desire to make games:

Scratch  and DSgamemaker  Scratch we have used before and I think it will be good to go back too, but the dsgamemaker could add in the ability to put his game on his DS which would be fab!  He is desperate to make games for the ipad but not knowing anything about programming and not having a mac do make this a little challenging!

Formal learning wise it has been so laid back that we have been lying down and I am getting seriously twitchy-especially with Ot.  Tig has 2 pen pals, one that is def. snail mail so that is a good reason to write a little bit.  Lots of resistance to maths whizz at the moment-not sure how that will work out.  I struggle with the lack of structure as it pretty much freaks me out!!!!!

We went out to see Rio which was good, the boys enjoyed it and sat pretty well for the 2 hours.  Some funny moments, like when the monkey gets hit in his unmentionables and 2 jewels pop out of his mouth; B laughing and getting so excited at the end when Blue can fly; Ot doing belly laughs along with daddy and Tig being super kind and helpful.  After Rio the boys had a KFC then we ran a couple of errands, including getting some sculpy that bakes to be stretchy so we can make angry birds that hopefuly will not break on impact.

We did some playing in the garden, had some tea and DH has headed round to SB’s to talk work for a couple of hours.  We’ve done bathtime, hovvered, wiped, tidied, mopped, tidied the bedroom and playroom and made the studdy at least recognisable!

April So Far…


We are nearly at the end of the Easter holidays, and April so I thought I would do an update.  I guess the key events are:  Ben’s 3rd birthday,


Visiting Gulliver’s kingdom and Gulliver’s land during Easter

Pics to follow!

Making Angry Birds

DSC05602 - CopyDSC05607 - CopyDSC05608 - CopyDSC05610DSC05615DSC05623DSC05625DSC05628DSC05629DSC05630DSC05631

These were play doh.  We made some red angry birds in Fimo, well Tig and I did, I made a pair of earrings and some cufflinks and TIg made a model :0)

Pics to follow.

And aunty S got engaged!

We went over to visit S on her birthday but the boys stayed with Aunty E.  We’ve done lots of garden playing as the weather has been lovely.  We’ve got seeds in the greenhouse but they’re growing slowly, the grass has grown and had it’s first mowing today.  A couple of patches but pretty darned good!  Lots of walks and playing in the park.  Tig and Ot are both planning on joining cubs/beavers and I’m hoping to find something for B too. 

We’ve done a quick bit of caching at the Lickey hills

pics to follow

and went out for Pizza today then visited Bob the butcher and the freezer is full! 

There is prob loads more stuff but that’s what you get when you don’t blog regularly-blank brain!!!!!