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Wow, Tig is 7 and so tall.Lovely day interspersed with visitors, presents and playing.  Everyone had lots of fun.  More on this later.

No ‘work’  today, lots of Lego building though!


Viking Raiding


Our plan for today is to learn more about Viking ships, trading and raiding…..plans include making ships, drawing/collage, map work for ds2 who loves maps and more….

Well we compared, Knarr and Long ships, made a model longship, found out a bit about where he Vikings settled and about what they imported and exported.  Plus both have completed the mathletics for their year group now.

We made Viking purses too…..

Viking Mama


This morning we’ve all found out a bit more about what a Viking mom might have done. We drew some pictures, made some butter, stitched some purses (pics are in the next post) and Tig wrote a diary extract whilst Ot wrote a couple of sentences to go with his pic of dying. Ot has completed all of the R activities on Mathletics-I think we may need to investigate something more for him or return to the Miqon stuff now. It’s grandads birthday today so we’re off to get presents and cards in a bit.



Hopefully, if we ever leave the house we’ll be popping to the library, picking up some onion and red cabbage and some pillow cases from Tesco then coming back to light a fire and have a go at dying fabric.

Yesterday we each chose and made a Viking paper doll and gave them Viking (ish) names:

Daddy-Magnus the Peevish

Mommy- Sigrun Wartooth

DS1-Brynhild Fairhair

DS2-Snorre the Beserk

So today we’re going to find out a bit about what Viking women would have done in their every day life.  If we leave the house!

Cleaning off the patio after the chicken attack took a bit of time this morning and now dh is doing something computery.

We did get out to the library although there was not a huge choice of books :0(  The boys all enjoyed making a fire in the fire pit and testing out their 2 dyes using scraps of material.  They used blueberry and red cabbage-I was really surprised at the intense colour from the blueberries.

we cooked some Viking unleavened bread on a stone in the fire and they both wrote some lovely descriptions of the fire.  Pics to follow later.