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The 24 DAys of Christmas


This is what we got up to on some of our crafty Christmas days.  We had a heap of different crafts (lots of inspiration from pinterest) writing on a piece of paper, folded up and we did a lucky dip each, each day and tried to do a few crafts in and around playing and generally getting ready for Christmas.  The boys also worked hard making Christmas presents for friends to give out at T club.  In amongst this we covered science, maths (recipes’, measures, budgets, estimating), DT (glue gun, pyrography, drill, saw, sanding) art (designs, mark making, pointillism, painting), reading (lots of recipe reading) we read lots of Christmas stories and read a chapter book each night (The Christmas wish), handwriting (labels), ICT (cricut), and lots more!

Up went the tree on Dec 2nd

Christmas 2012 decorations 2012-12-08 001

I made a merry Christmas banner form wooden discs using the pyrography tool and the boys had a go at making decorations using pointillism (much easier than lines)

Christmas 2012 decorations 2012-12-08 002Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 002Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 001Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 007Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 008Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 009Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 010Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 011Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 012Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 013Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 014

We hung some on our Christmas twig tree (collected with Nanna) and some on the tree alongside our cranberry and dried orange garlands

Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 015Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 004

We also made some pencil holders fro friends-officially the best bit was drilling the holes!

Christmas Crafts 2012-12-05 003

I got a crafty day to myself and finally mosaiced the fruit bowl I’d been meaning to for years….toatlaly diffrent from my design as I ended up with rainbows-not to self-bext time start form the edge and work in!

Christmas Crafts 2012-12-06 001

Made some twiggy trees, cut twigs to size, drill, string voila!

Christmas Crafts 2012-12-06 003Christmas Crafts 2012-12-06 009

…and some twiggy snowflakes (I love buttons-especially red ones!)

Christmas Crafts 2012-12-06 006Christmas Crafts 2012-12-06 007Christmas Crafts 2012-12-06 008

Tried out the sharpie on a plate and bake-seemed to work once it was cool but later dish washed off :0(

Christmas Crafts 2012-12-06 010

We were cooking something…..not sure what though!

Christmas crafts 2012-12-12 001

Ot’s pyrography-Titanic with the CHristmas star…

Christmas Crafts 2012-12-13 001

B’s an I love you heart….

Christmas Crafts 2012-12-13 002

Studding oranges with cloves… (handwriting practice in December)

Christmas Crafts 2012-12-13 003Christmas Crafts 2012-12-13 004Christmas Crafts 2012-12-13 005Christmas Crafts 2012-12-13 007

Our finished dino eggs for friends (I found a recipe that didn’t use dirt or coffee grounds)

Christmas Crafts 2012-12-13 008

Cookie cutter beeswax candles (Tig and I made these)

Christmas Crafts 2012-12-13 009

We tried out making pine cone elves…even with the power of the glue gun they were pretty tricky!

Christmas crafts 2012-12-14 001Christmas crafts 2012-12-14 002Christmas crafts 2012-12-14 007Christmas crafts 2012-12-14 008

O, B and S’s gifts were wrapped up like so…..

Christmas crafts 2012-12-14 003

G’s gift complete with Christmas worry elf…

Christmas crafts 2012-12-14 004

We made bath bombs which we wrapped as gifts…

Christmas crafts 2012-12-14 009Christmas crafts 2012-12-14 005

If you look carefully you can see our felt decorations which we all made using blanket stitch-B was especially good at it!

Christmas crafts 2012-12-14 006

Making cranberry and orange garlands (later bay leaves too).  We created our own dried oranges studded with cloves…smelt lovely, and the guys enjoyed creating patterns.  We strung them using waxed dental floss and medium tapestry needles (more handwriting practice lol!)

Making Christmas garlands 2012-12-03 001Making Christmas garlands 2012-12-03 002Making Christmas garlands 2012-12-03 003Making Christmas garlands 2012-12-03 004

B playing at T club (thanks to B for the photo I never remember to take any)

Making garlands and sawing logs 2012-12-05 001

Sawing logs into discs for pyrography and chucks for the pencil holders.

Making garlands and sawing logs 2012-12-05 002Making garlands and sawing logs 2012-12-05 007

Some sensory play in ‘snow’ with lego men,  rice and water beads……must get some big Tupperware type tubs so we can do this easily most days as it was calming and enjoyed by Ot and B in particular and if it’s ready to go in a plastic tub it’s wo much easier!

Making garlands and sawing logs 2012-12-05 003Making garlands and sawing logs 2012-12-05 004Making garlands and sawing logs 2012-12-05 005

Even Tig joined in to bury skeletons

Making garlands and sawing logs 2012-12-05 006

Major grouting of various projects near the start of December….

J’s fish

Mosaics 2012-12-04 001

O’s coaster

Mosaics 2012-12-04 002

A’s colour-bug

Mosaics 2012-12-04 003

My eyes-on a big y shaped piece of wood I spotted in my FIL’s stack whcih I purloined and left for the sap to stop oozing then mosaiced on-the reflective glass is a bit scary as it’s getting dark or if you find them in the bushes by the shed with a torech!

Mosaics 2012-12-04 004

9 Men’s Morris board-finally finished

Mosaics 2012-12-04 005

A mirror project-mental note take photos and keep…I had laid this out then had to pack it away and when I was grouting I remembered that the lime green beads should be on the outside….grrrr!  Hey ho it still looks pretty OK!

Mosaics 2012-12-04 006

T’s Guinea pig house sign, ready to erect (we just need to yacht varnish the back and sides).

Mosaics 2012-12-04 007


More finished garlands hanging on the tree….

Mosaics 2012-12-04 008Mosaics 2012-12-04 009

A picture B made for me…

Mosaics 2012-12-04 014

Twiggy snowflakes, this time by the boys (Ben, Tig, Ot I think)

Twiggy Christmas Crafts 2012-12-14 001Twiggy Christmas Crafts 2012-12-14 002Twiggy Christmas Crafts 2012-12-14 003


A twiggy star by me (it was fiddly so left that one for in a few years time)

Twiggy Christmas Crafts 2012-12-14 004

Our stars and snowflakes hung around the mirror….

Twiggy Christmas Crafts 2012-12-14 005

A spice tree…..(A glue gun, a polystyrene cone, a cinnamon stick, a disc of wood, a small circle of wood, coffee beans, cloves and pepper corns…need I say more?!)

Twiggy Christmas Crafts 2012-12-14 006

Tig’s Twiggy Pic…

Twiggy Christmas Crafts 2012-12-14 007

More cookie cutter candles

Twiggy Christmas Crafts 2012-12-14 008

B’s twiggy pic and Ot’s on the end…

Twiggy Christmas Crafts 2012-12-14 009Twiggy Christmas Crafts 2012-12-14 010

Amongst all this there were our usual traditions, like fetching the Turkey on Christmas eve,  making mince pies, Christmas cake decorating, making Christmas pudding, emergency mincemeat, roasting the gammon on Christmas eve and more… are some pics of the guys sticking out the Santa stop here sign…..


Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 001Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 002Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 003Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 004Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 005Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 006Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 007Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 008Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 009Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 010Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 011Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 012Christmas Eve 2012 2012-12-24 013

I’ve decided it is practically impossible to get everyone looking, smiling and still at the same time which is why the photos from the photo session are so impressive (got them back on the 21st-lovely).

Side note:  Amongst the fun there was a Christmas party at soft play where Santa appeared…

not sure where the pics are….

…and the boys, then DH, then me managed to pick up a lovely pre Christmas S&D bug….no nothing to do with S&M just  spending quality time with the loo… least we were all fine for Christmas!