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A visit to Cambridge


Tig’s eco car design was shortlisted and we went to a workshop, to see the uni and to a presentation.  He wasn’t the overall winner but still shortlisted and had a fantastic day.  It really got him thinking about jobs, university, environmental stuff….:0)

Photo to follow!




Well, we had a few things to do today, including posting 3 things from the stuff we’ve put on Amazon-who knew how much they took in fees etc.!!!!  We put something on for £5 they take £2.80 postage from the buyer so they pay £7.80 yet we get something like £5.20 and we have to pay the postage from that so it ends up being more like £3.80 that we get after postage…..Anyway it is quick and easy and as the books on there tend to be cheaper than anywhere else at the moment I guess it’s a good place to sell.  Possibly a car boot would be a good idea too.

We walked into the post office found some book, game and action man bargains plus new load tins, some flower seeds and terracotta pots from Tesco.  We went to the park, did some playing and had a snack and had some croissants on the way back.  Ot did really well with a very long walk as did Tig.  Ben struggled to stay awake but it was a good job we took the buggy for all of our bargains.  We got Entropy, Battle ships and Quack-Quack plus a British wildlife detective book, a bloody science, horrible histories, gruesome geography, joke, poetry and magnetic book so a bumper haul!

When we got back we had the rest of dinner and I cooked myself something then we all did our own thing for a bit and retreated to our own space (and screen time).  After a bit we decided to head back outside for some playing and gardening.  The herb plants I ordered in the spring arrived and have been planted, plus lettuces, radishes, snap dragons, nasturtiums, stock, cucumber, peppers, chilli, parsley, basil, some more squashes, and another two sorts of flower that I have totally forgotten-one was aubrietia.  Still need more compost but made a good start.  The boys had great fun making collections of toys and playing, Tig and Ot had a go at battle ships and B enjoyed playing Quack.  Both read a page in the park too.  Not that much else in the way of ‘formal’ stuff or from our things to do but a lovely day with loads of chatter about all sorts of things :0)

Happy Birthday To Me!


Ot came and wished me a lovely happy birthday this morning, it was a beautiful start to the day.  We opened my pressies-well the boys did the opening really but I didn’t mind and I had a fab card from moonpig from the boys.  Rich had to go off to work and we got stuck into a normal day.  We did some fractions and percentages with pouring juice and cutting toast.  Tig got the idea of finding 75% using 50% and 25% and Elliot got the idea of the bigger the bottom number the smaller each piece and when it wasn’t equal….he liked his toast in 24ths!  Ben just enjoyed buttering it.

We’ve done bits and bobs of things interspersed with puzzles and playing.  Our things to do list has been huge today but we wanted to get the ideas down.  Both have dones some Lego building, spelling time (Ot was determined to get into the 100% club and finally did-Tig still has errors), whizz-Ot needed some help with the interpreting data and Tig with estimating the amounts in the jar although fine at calculating the fractions.

We’ve all done a bit of chalking outside.  Ot has decorated the choc cake and Tig made 36 fairy cakes on his own-he had to multiply the recipe by 1.5 which he had some help with.  Ben and Ot have done some quick jigsaw puzzling and all 3 are now playing on Mario world.  S rang to say happy birthday and my cousin C texted-It’s her son M’s b’day today too.

I’ve managed to track down the wire for Tig’s old iPod and stick some songs on it, find some of the SOTW chapters and WASP!!!! Interrupted my chain of thought, just been brave enough to get the computer out of the kitchen, going back to see if it is gone…

Was nice to see Rich’s folks, they’re very excited about a house they viewed just up the road but is has no chain and the seller needs a quick sale :0(  But you never know…  P&S popped in too but I didn’t get chance to chat, making people coffee and making sure tea didn’t burn-P&S had told dh they’d just be dropping off a card not staying so I hadn’t bothered doing extra tea and it wouldn’t stretch!

We did a backwards tea and did cake 1st so that everyone could have cake  and we had tea when they had gone-I don’t think they quite realise how late home Rich is-he was earlier that usual.

That’s as much as I can remember really :0)

Bank Holiday Monday


Tetchy…that’s today or something like anyway.  Formal (and informal) stuff is not on the agenda today for Ot, he’s only interested in screen time and playing at hunting.  It doesn’t seem like an interest, more like an obsession or an addiction and it makes every little mommy sensor I have go WAAAAAAH…so I say no and he ‘hates me’ or ‘doesn’t want to be part of this family any more’ or ‘can I do something to earn screen time’ I’m saying no to that as it’s just the same as doing things to please me and I don’t want that…I want him to find some alternative activites that he likes not just shooting and B****y guns!!!!!

See what I mean-tetchy!

Tig has been quite inspired by an eco car competition and is creating a people carrier with a difference although getting him to label said design and describe it plus actually get it down on paper is becoming a mammoth undertaking which I just can’t get the energy or patience for!!

The brown chicken died, gutted as she seemed to get better and yesterday seemed a bit subdued but still eating then today just went rapidly down hill.  I think another egg must have got stuck as she has not laid since the egg after we separated her (blood on her vent other chickens pecking, separated, cleaned up, didn’t eat or drink then passed an egg, ate drank, seemed to get better, this was over 2 weeks ago) …obviously there was some kind of problem but there was no warning really at all. 

dh has just taken a load of rubbish to the tip and is helping Tig.  Ben has been having garden fun and E is planning to sell some books on ebay.

Ot and I added the up direction to the plane and Tig finished off his eco car design and it is ready to be posted.  B did some letters with dh.  Everyone had screens after dinner and B enjoyed watching some Wallace and Grommit.  Lots of playing outside and E and I went to get some compost and cash for her bus fare.  We then listed a load of books on Amazon and a few games on ebay to see if things would sell.  The master plan is to sell 300 things and simply make £1 per item thus having enough for  a chicken house and repeat with 450 things to make E’s deposit for her halls….easy!!!!!

Went on Peacehill Press and found some PDF’s of tests for the SOTW CD’s and activities which would help to see what has been retained…really simple little quizzes with minimal writing which would probably suit Tig and Ot as we haven’t done much fro a while might be  good to listen to a story section (during snack) do something if we fancy and do a quiz either from the previous day or a while ago….will suggest tomorrow that we try.

E is revising and the boys are in bed, excited about my b’day tomorrow and I am thinking of what practical stuff I have to help with the weak bits of maths that have popped up.

Bank holiday Weekend 2


Sunday was a lovely hot day, loads of sun.  We did a bit of pottering and playing first thing and headed out to Beacon Park where we had lots of fun on the swings and play stuff as well as eating yummy ice creams and rolling down the grassy banks.


We called into farm foods on the way back to get some more ice cream and cornets (after finding out during Easter that the ice-cream man is prohibitively expensive).  The boys had lots of garden fun and playing.  Ot and I stuck in the plane and did the left and right movement.  I did and talked through it then deleted and OT did it, with me gagged (hand over mouth) so I didn’t help unless he asked…which he did by snorting!  He did fairly well but I think a print out of the tutorial might help.  Looking at the example files was good.  I really think that making some kind of video would be really helpful for Ot to remember what to do…or some simple instruction cards like there are for Scratch.  However the plane now goes left and right and stays at the edge of the screen.

I think that some work on coordinates and negative numbers would prob help as in order to understand the variables and stuff we’re setting he needs to understand the grid like nature of the room….will maybe do some thinking about that….might be worth just some mouse play on the room too.

TIg did some Lego building, his writing journal and spelling time and Ot did his spelling time and some watching of brain pop.

I hoovered the boys house out and we really need to get the roofing felt re-done and then a really good clean and then painting whilst the weather is nice. 

We got the paddling pool out after tea and the boys had a good playing there and then we played dino hunter and another Wii game before bed.  I really need to get rid of some of the weeds and we need to plant some more seeds as we are getting late now!!!!