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An Update On the Week…


Last week went well, with the mural completed and looking pretty good.  Unfortunately there may be some problem with the wood-the shop may well have given us ordinary ply rather than external…when putting up (after the painting) someone queried-mental note must learn how to check myself as we’ll be gutted if it rots!

Curriculum reviewing was a bit of a mixed bag, but still all the year groups are done, there has been real progress.  It all needs to come together now and hopefully staff will make that happen.  It took longer than i imagined and there was still a clinginess to current themes-can’t believe no one wanted to do dinosaurs as a theme such fun :0)

Anyway-done so all good!

This week we’ve been cracking on with some mommy directed stuff (maths, sentence writing their own topic choice but my suggestions at the moment, some Spanish, story of the world, phonics and that’s about it-some of all of that everyday before lunch.)  It is a lot and there is huge resistance to ‘work’ (I HATE THAT WORD) at the moment.  I know that many out there would argue for child directed and autonomous but I really believe that for us the basic skills need to be done little and often-partly due to their personalities, interests and partly because I need that…..lots of issues there but ultimately I don’t feel i can rely on them to realise they need maths then learn it what if they don’t then because they don’t have basic skills can’t get to do things they want????  ANyway I’m though pondering there will be mommy directed stuff and stuff they direct and in the big picture they a much bigger proportion of time which they direct than they would in school, a huge amount of time to play and get out and about plus when it is directed by me I try to be led by their interests (currently cells, the titanic and chemistry based stuff.).

I am disliking the lack of arty stuff that we are getting to do but I think this will pan out over the next few weeks.  I am thinking about getting each of them a special book and getting them to start a diary/scrapbook.

Over the week Tiger has been incessantly watching videos of making Transformers from Lego and is producing really innovative miniature transformers.  Elliot is playing Transformers and so is Ben.  Ben has been doing lots and lots of drawing and we’ve been looking at some letter sounds, using alphablocks, magnetic letters, print outs etc  Mainly because he wants to join in :0)

We haven’t done much reading together or stories this week but it has been busy.

Went to London yesterday but Ben stayed at home with Aunty E.  I’ve been thinking lots about faces, portraits and arty stuff for school.  ALso want to have a think about Y6’s as I really know we need to make sure we start with the drawings and move to the textile and often the drawing step is poor quality and I think it needs to be better.

Cooking chilli/lasagne/bolegnaise/burritos so off now, with Ben dressed up as Bumble Bee to help!


Life is just too mad!


LIfe at the moment seems to be slightly insane.  I don’t really feel like I am doing anything of any great note with the boys at the moment, mainly because of going to work but also because they are totally opposed to doing anything formal.  It’s hard to have any kind of routine at the moment which I don’t like but I’m not sure if the boys mind too much.  The hot weather means that we’re all a bit techy and hot and no one is sleeping all that well either at the moment.

I am once again struggling with my weight.  I have gone from 11 stone 1 to 11 stone 9 and back to 11 stone 6 and back to 11 4 then 11 8 and so it continues the only certain thing is that I am not losing weight and it is all the chocolate cookies fault!!!!!  I’m hoping to get some proper exercise time when dh is off work with me as currently I seem to either be needed or I choose to put something else first…we will see.

I’ve been working on a mural inspired by a garden and the seasons with some 5/6year olds on Friday and we’ll be completing that on Monday; then planning and looking at the skills in the hist/geog/art/DT parts of the curriculum on Tuesday and Wednesday then my normal day in school on Thursday-I’m practically full time.

Tiger is hugely into building his Lego transformers and they are becoming increasingly complex and intricate. Ot is also building using the Lego and making his own versions of mini transformers which is lovely.  Swimming is going OK but Ot is apparently maintaining his ability to be a complete nightmare…..I think dh is at the end of hsi tether!  TOday we went to TOysRUs so they could spend their saved up pocket money and birthday money and came home with …..yes….even more transformers!

Bs speech is coming on hugely as is his independence and mischievous streak!

They’ve both done a bit of maths this week, Ot needs to work on place value and retaining number bonds before we move on.  I also need to make sure that he really knows his bonds of ten too.  This morning we revises and did a bit from the singapore review at the end of the book and got out the 10’s and units Deans blocks and place value cards and he started to get it.  Ot is focusing on making sure that he really has hte standard methods for addition and subtraction really nailed before we move onto anything more.  We also want to consolidate all we’ve done so far and use it in puzzles and problems.  He’s showing lots of progress with the addition and doing just 10 sums of his choice from the sheets will have a good impact as it really is little and often with things like that I think.

We enjoyed playing Uno last week so will try to play that again soon.  We learned to lay a ground in our art booklets (drawing on the RHS of the brain) and to use our picture viewer.  They need lots more practice using that and I need to make some really stiff ones; plus get them each their own graphite pancil as they love it.  We may try laying grounds in pastel/charcoal etc.

My how time flies…again!


It has yet agin been some while.  We have had some significant car doom, which I shall not write about but suffice to say it has necessitated extra days at work and still many, many more are needed!!!!

Elliot has continued to be motivated, interested nay obsessed with the human body.  He finished his book and is no getting into cells so we’re probably going to start thinking about things to do there.

We have somewhat neglected story of the work and sketch Tuesday so I’m hoping to pick those up again.

Richard still got into his chemistry based stuff but everyone (at least the under 10’s) are hugely into transformers, playing, making, building from Lego and these are getting increasingly complicated mini cons.  I hope to add some pics soon.

On a less work based note, Elliot had a lovely 5th birthday

Sam and Phil got married.