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July 2013



So far this month…..

The police visited T club and the boys enjoyed seeing the car.

Police at T club 2013-07-02 001Police at T club 2013-07-02 002Police at T club 2013-07-02 008Police at T club 2013-07-02 010Police at T club 2013-07-02 011Police at T club 2013-07-02 012Police at T club 2013-07-02 013Police at T club 2013-07-02 014Police at T club 2013-07-02 015

We made and lit a waffle fire using silver birch bark and our cuttings form the garden earlier this year…

Fire lighting 2013-07-03 001

We made our old outdoor art table look a little more funky with some homemade chalk paint.  This is it part way through.

CHalk table 2013-07-04 001

This month and last we’ve been working on our science project of the human body.  We’ve found out about muscles, skeletons and this week, the brain.  We’re figuring out how to best protect our brains (eggs) using junk stuff.  We dropped them from the bedroom window and they all survived!

July Eggs for brains 2013-07-08 002July Eggs for brains 2013-07-08 003July Eggs for brains 2013-07-08 004July Eggs for brains 2013-07-08 005July Eggs for brains 2013-07-08 006July Eggs for brains 2013-07-08 007July Eggs for brains 2013-07-08 008July Eggs for brains 2013-07-08 009July Eggs for brains 2013-07-08 010July Eggs for brains 2013-07-08 011July Eggs for brains 2013-07-08 012


June 2013



E was 21!

2013-06-08 001

I did my Forest School Leader Training

June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 001June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 002June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 003June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 004June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 005June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 006June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 007June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 008June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 009June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 010June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 011June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 012June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 013June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 014June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 033June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 034June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 035June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 036June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 037June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 038June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 039June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 040June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 041June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 042June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 043June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 044June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 045June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 046June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 047June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 048June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 049June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 050June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 051

June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 052June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 053June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 054June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 055June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 056June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 057June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 058June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 059June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 060June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 061June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 062June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 063June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 064June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 065June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 066June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 067June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 068

One of the mornings before I set off, Ot painted a beautiful sunset.

June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 070


June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 071June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 072June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 073June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 074June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 075June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 076June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 077June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 078June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 079June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 080June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 081June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 082June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 083June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 084June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 085June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 086June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 087June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 088June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 089June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 090June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 091June Forest Fun 2013-06-10 092

Inspired the boys ad I had some forest fun of our own….over the common!

Broom-it’s not spiky so not gorse!

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 001June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 002June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 003June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 004June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 005June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 006June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 007June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 008June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 009June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 010June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 011June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 012June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 013June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 014June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 015

Fire lighting……with tinder we collected

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 016June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 017

Making a camp

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 020June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 021

We found deer poo!

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 022

Ragged Robin????

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 023

Tall poplars

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 024June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 025June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 026June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 027

Testing out pot noodles as a warm dinner for when we’re out

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 028June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 029

We Light bulb made a wand, using noose nots to tie on the strings and some wrapping using pipe cleaners to create funky shapes.  Made a good throwing stick too!

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 030June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 031

We cooked hotdogs on the fire…

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 033June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 034June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 035June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 036June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 037

We created our own unique bugs at Tuesday Club, complete with habitats and friends

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 038June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 039


June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 040

Tree climbing

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 041June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 042

Wild ROse

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 043

Outdoor art inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry night.

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 044June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 045June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 046June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 047June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 048June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 049June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 050

A different camp and den

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 051June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 052June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 053

A playground for the little people…


June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 054June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 055June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 056June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 057June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 058June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 059June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 060

Dogwood and more wild roses

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 061June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 062June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 063

Incredibly cute goslings….about 13!!!

June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 065June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 066June Forest Fun 2013-06-16 067

We made some tree guardians, finding parts of faces in the trees that show a guardian is in there, growing, helping to make the rest of their face.

Tree Guardians 2013-06-24 001Tree Guardians 2013-06-24 002Tree Guardians 2013-06-24 003

May 2013



I had a go at willow weaving, my first attempt at a dragon fly.

May dragonfly 2013-05-12 001

Swedish subs and cheesy fries-our Eurovision feast.  The boys were introduced to the great tradition of staying up and listening to the commentaries as well as having a ‘feast’.

May Eurovisian feast 2013-05-18 001

S and P’s wedding, a lovely, lovely day.

May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 001May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 002May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 003May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 004May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 005May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 006May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 007May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 008May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 009May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 010May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 011May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 012May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 013May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 014May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 015May Sarahs wedding 2013-05-31 017

April 2013



This is us on our Easter hols, courtesy of Santa-thanks it was great!

April holiday 2013-04-03 001April holiday 2013-04-03 002April holiday 2013-04-03 003April holiday 2013-04-03 004April Holiday 2013-03-30 001April Holiday 2013-03-30 002April Holiday 2013-03-30 003April Holiday 2013-03-30 004April Holiday 2013-03-30 005April Holiday 2013-03-30 006

Ben was 5

Ben's birthday 2013-04-09 001Ben's birthday 2013-04-09 002Ben's birthday 2013-04-09 003Ben's birthday 2013-04-09 004Ben's birthday 2013-04-09 005

B playing with his birthday present from his aunt

April Ben playing 2013-04-13 001

We went to Sots Hole and made some crazy faces using clay and found materials.

April sots hole 2013-04-16 001April sots hole 2013-04-16 002April sots hole 2013-04-16 003

We went out pond dipping but it was like spring hadn’t really sprung.  Cold and waiting for something to warm everything up.

April pond dipping 2013-04-29 001April pond dipping 2013-04-29 002April pond dipping 2013-04-29 003April pond dipping 2013-04-29 004

March 2013



B got chicken pox, fairly mildly though (just before we went away at Easter.)

Chicken Pox 2013-03-28 002

Ot used youtube to learn how to draw the TItanic.

Elliot drawing Titanic 2013-03-13 001Elliot drawing Titanic 2013-03-13 002

Elliot drawing Titanic 2013-03-13 003

We carried on learning about vertebrates and created a map f everything we had found out about mammals.  Everyone loved using the Sharpie pens!

Mammals map 2013-03-20 001

We had some pretty deep snow!

March Deep Snow 2013-03-23 001March Deep Snow 2013-03-23 002

In our art we all continued to draw and paint birds, especially owls.  I (mom) got a great book and had a go at recreating the bluetit-can you tell which is the illustration?

Mommys Blue Tit 2013-03-10 003

We tried out mark making in paint to create owl feathers

Mommy's Owl 2013-03-09 002

Working and playing!

Working 2013-03-25 001Working 2013-03-25 002Working 2013-03-25 003

February 2013


B figuring out addition using ‘number friends’

Ben Number friends 2013-02-27 001

B made a bug house for when he catches bugs, we showed our friends at Tuesday Club how to make one too.

Ben's bug house 2013-03-02 001

Ot working on some mark making.

Feb Tuesday CLub Chinese New Year 2013-02-04 001

B and Tig dismantling an old PC tower, finding different parts and spudging away!


Tig’s mine craft lego models

Feb Half Term 2013-02-06 001Feb Half Term 2013-02-06 002

Tig Ot and B working on their book maths

Feb Half Term 2013-02-06 003Feb Half Term 2013-02-06 004Feb Half Term 2013-02-06 005

Half term visit to the Nature Centre in B’ham.  TIg enjyed being the photographer and everyone enjoyed blue ice-lollies

Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 001Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 006Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 010Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 013Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 015Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 017

B enjoyed watching the otters.

Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 019Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 020Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 023Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 026Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 031Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 032Feb Half term nature center 2013-02-18 036

We’ve all been finding out about owls, drawing and researching and in half term we dissected some owl pellets.

Feb Half Term Owl Pellets 2013-02-09 001Feb Half Term Owl Pellets 2013-02-09 002Feb Half Term Owl Pellets 2013-02-09 003Feb Half Term Owl Pellets 2013-02-09 004Feb Half Term Owl Pellets 2013-02-09 005Feb Half Term Owl Pellets 2013-02-09 006Feb Half Term Owl Pellets 2013-02-09 007Feb Half Term Owl Pellets 2013-02-09 008Feb Half Term Owl Pellets 2013-02-09 009

Unbelievably, Tig was ten!

Richard's 10th birthday 2013-02-24 001Richard's 10th birthday 2013-02-24 002Richard's 10th birthday 2013-02-24 004Richard's 10th birthday 2013-02-24 005Richard's 10th birthday 2013-02-24 007