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Sea Life and Think Tank


We had a lovely day out on Sunday.  dh did the 10 minute tasks with the boys in record time (for the reward of going out somewhere). We went out to the Sealife centre and then think tank.  lots of fun wow moments.  4D cinema was fun-especially when we got sprayed with water and bubbles.  Everyone enjoyed seeing the seahorses and sharks.  B really loved the leopard shark and called him (amongst many other fish) big bad Barry. Ot, in particular, was desperate to visit think tank and the city.  Much fun was had in the city and body parts.  We headed home and had reduced pasties, mash and veg for tea.  A lovely day.



Chicken Cleaning…


…took ages this morning after Tig and I decided it just could not wait until after breakfast.  Well they are clean now but all I can smell is chicken poop! I think that rainy weather is just horrible with chickens, my only moan at all.

The boys were a bit slow to start and still tired but different beds seems to have helped last night.  They did eventually get through (and that is what it felt like) their ten minute tasks.  Tig responds really well to the challenges…I think this will be somewhat of the way forward with him and he is much more able to take control of when he does what.  Ot did well with maths, I scribed but he did the thinking.  We played some brain training and smarty pants on the Wii after lunch, did some playing in the garden this morning, learned a bit about ballast, bit of ipadding, bit of Ed city, Not a bad day, no ironing done by me as yet and my power wire is capput so this might be my last computer time for a bit.  Some lovely dino stuff from B, saying the dino names etc.  We need to spend a bit of quality time together after bath time I think though as he has had short shrift today.

A weekend round up


Well, everyone was tired today.  Despite that we did manage to do our 10 minute tasks and finish off our forces experiment in amongst lots of playing.  We also managed to have a talk through what we had done this week and each of the boys suggested their ‘I am working on’ goals for next week.  Ot  is struggling to get to sleep so we have tried swapping beds to see if that makes any difference as his bed is by books and the CD player and is the mid sleeper so it’s easy for him to get stuff to play with in bed.  Hopefully this will help. 

Interestingly Ot wants to learn to say fire torpedos in German as one of his goals and Tig wants to count in Japanese.

dh has fixed m dad’s/brothers computer today with a bit of gubbins surgery!  It is all working and was a fairly quick repair but I think it may be on it’s last legs. by little bro (he came for lunch today) was happy to see E (our sis who lives with us.). Dh was in uni yesterday working on his Phd, which went well. 

The boys and dh went out into the garden this morning and had a good time playing although it was called short when the rain got bad.  Tig built a great lego scorpion model then made a hysterical video with it and the Harry and Ron Lego figures which he recorded.  B watched it a trillion times giggling every time! 

A week has gone already!!!


Well, it is Wednesday so a full week since dh has been back at work.  On Monday we started using a few reminders to help the boys see what we had agreed that they would do and also to help me feel that still they had choice there would be some more formal (loosely)  stuff going on.

They each have a 10 minutes task list that they tick off, it has things like mental maths, handwriting, reading together, reasoning, music, spelling, typing-thing that need a little bit every day.  We’ve started to create a list of things that we could do e.g. handwriting we have wipe off cards, flour in a tray, writing a note, writing out  a spelling, a shape game on the IPAD etc. etc.  This seems to be going well, Tiger was lovely this morning because yesterday they had waited for me to get things sorted but this morning (after my comment yesterday) got straight into doing it!

The also have some goals for the week relating to science (forces this week), maths, sentence writing, being an author, art, ICT and a challenge for the week-this week they are working on similar challenges creating a book or books for their littlest bro.

Here are some pics from this week:


A post A Day…


Wow, today seems to be super long-it feels like about 4 and it’s only 1!  SO far we’ve done a bit of track building and playing, some talking, i-pad playing, some Lego building plus talking about the 3 R’s (responsibility, resilience and resourcefulness.)  Principals were fine but actually trying to put into practice are certainly much more of a challenge but I’m sure we’ll get there.

Tig and Ot have both taken photos of still frames to show some of the important things they need to do to good learners using the 3R’s which I have just downloaded to use in comic life to make a 3 R’s comic to remind them.

Here are some photos for today-funniest moment is finding Ben in a box with Daddy’s i-pad!  He was on the settee,then I left to stir the veg curry….


Baking from yesterday was good, I made a bakewell tart, maple pecan tart and a cherry pie!


Maple Pecan tart was yummy but I might miss the ginger next time as it was a strong flavour….Bakewell tonight!

Happy New Year!


So, first day back at work (well we were both in yesterday so 2nd day really).  I think that the fact that I am missing Rich’s company so much despite being busy with the boys says just how lovely our holiday was.  Relaxed and lovely.

No formal work going on at the moment but lots of chatting and playing and cuddling.  Tig and B are watching Gremlins and Ot is reading over my shoulder-hi Ot-love you :0)-that got a giggle and a cuddle.  So we’ve done some gears playing, some hungry Hippo, some cuddling, TV watching and cooking.  Tig helped to cook homemade burgers, meatballs, bolognaise, chilli and shepherds pie which he really enjoyed and he has learned to load the washer, program, unload and fold-well kind of fold ;0).  If you are reading this, please leave a comment as it would be lovely to know if it’s just me!

Here are a few pics of our Christmas and New year…