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Croissants and sausages

Ben watering the plants

Ipad/iphone playing

Chatted about what to do and made a plan

Swimming with Daddy-Trunk less Tig

shopping for me



Garden playing

More computer modding for Ot

Tadpole collecting

not sure if I posted about writing journals:


Painting by Ben and Science experiments by Tig





-We started to day at 5:30 , with B in a super good mood doing his impression of a big-wild boar.  Unfortunately dh and I had watched both episodes of walking the dead last night so we really were not in the mood for anything other than sleep Smile.

We had breakfast, Ot did one floor of the skyscrapers game and then chose to play make ten.  Tig and I had a race to see who would be first, him to the 6th floor of the game or me to get breakfast done-unsurprisingly he won!

After breakfast we headed down to the Coop to get some brown paper, to cover our writing journals.  We got back and went out into the garden for some tidying and trampolining.  Tig found a roots experiment kit yesterday and did that in-between helping me to water the garden.  We’ve had a bit of a move around and got the table and chairs up so we can sit  round it and created a kind of gardening and planting area with the little green houses and the old kitchen table :0)

We decorated our journals and we wrote in them for 10 minutes before I sorted out dinner-it was a no-pain bit of writing.  Totally independent, Ot chose the theme of carnivorous dinosaurs and we read out to each other then we swapped books to have a look at each others-I don’t think I’ll suggest the improvements next time-just let it develop and make sure mine is using the kinds of things I want them to…

Finished reading another John Holt (Learning all the time) but page 160 was missing so I am going to send it back. Really would like to get a walk in aviary style covered run for the birds but will have to see what finances allow.

Boys are having some screen time (B is playing on the ipad on angry birds) and I am about to do some exercise although really I’d rather have an afternoon nap!

Kinect-exercising was hard….sweaty I am! Ben’s best comment today- “Mommy’s a fat lady” looking at my avatar-but he is complimenting me apparently because that was good.  Whilst exercising the blobby me thingy goes green if I get it right or orange or red and he was excitedly cheering me on with mommy you’ve gone green! Aunty E has been filling in her student finance stuff and the boys have done some whizz maths after screen time.

Reading some phonetic nonsense words with Ot (he was trying to make me giggle at the silly words) Ben spots us and wants to join in so starts to sound out random letters like his big bro-so cute!  Tig loves text/internet shorthand so we had a look at a list today-prob should have checked it for rudeness as although really rude stuff was **** there was enough to have me scrolling at speed and him in hysterics LMAO-literally had him LHAO.

Ot has made 4 Lego transformers all on his own and is justifiably proud!  Tig is stuck in a book of dinos after some Lego-ing of his own and B has fallen asleep standing up-I guess 5:30 rising makes you tired *yawn*.

Tea was delish-veg rice and Chinese belly pork yum!  Tig has been super helpful doing the dishwasher and some of the playroom, off to finish tidying.



Wow, it’s been an odd old day so far.  Up early for breakfast, boys still coughing and sniffling.  Tig is feeling much better though I think and Ot doesn’t seem as bad as yesterday.  We played War (card game-half pack each, turn over 2 cards add, biggest total wins all 4.  If totals equal shout I declare war-on war turn over 2 more and total all 4 of your cards-biggest number wins.  Aim:to have all the cards!)  It was great fun, initially TIg and I but Ot was helping me, then took over but the thought of loss was too hard for Ot so Back to me.  I won eventually but it was close and good fun-Tig took loss well and wanted to play again which was lovely.  Both the boys were helping me do some laminating of some maths games and I’m hoping we’ll get some more done later before bed. 

There was a tiny bit of track building and Tig and I collaborated on a Lego dino model of his Vast something or other Rex!  Had some snack then went outside to play with chalks on the front.  I drew a 100 square and we put in the numbers between drawing dinos and playing a lines and dots game.  B recognised 3 and was really interested in the numbers.  Ot drew a great man and boat and had a lot of fun. 

In for dinner, Tig helped and a bit of garden playing.  I did biggest loser on the Kinect (borrowed) which was good whilst the boys had some computer time.  A chap rang about scrapping my car (broken cam belt-too expensive to fix for the age of the car) and offered us £150 OMG!  Everyone is now doing a bit of trampolining and Pork and beans is cooking happily in the oven.  Spoke to dad briefly today which was good and am now off to peg out a huge heap of washing!!!!

Tig wrote some emails so did a bit of ‘writing’ more playing, lots of kinect playing from all.  I moved the living room around to make a bit more room-looks a bit odd but does give us more room for 2 players and also allow for b and Ot’s rather mad style of playing!

I am thinking of suggesting writing journals to the boys tomorrow, where we all write about something for 10 minutes each day-I’m hoping the idea is well received-planning to pop to the shops and grab some brown paper then do some tissue paper collage style decorating with letters and text and photocopies of favourite books etc.

Read a few stories before bed but Ben was distracted and so we’re going to have some at breakfast-I missed reading stories together today so must make sure we do that tomorrow.

A Photo Round up!


So somehow I haven’t blogged for 3 days (not including today so I’m guessing that on work days it’s a bit tricky so I’m going to do a quick photo round up and some comments.  Next week I am going to see if the boys would agree to do some blogging on Thursday and Friday for me and see if dh would do Saturday :0)



Thursday is/was a half granddad Fred day.  In the morning we (Tig and I) built a knew bridge like Mr Monet’s; B did some drawing on aqua play, TIg and I played wolves and coyotes, WE all played with the fraction and decimal cubes and found some equivalents.  TIg and I played a bit more and played a game where one of us was a fraction thief and the other needed to say how much we had stolen.  Ot played building with the gears.  After we had picked up Granddad, and I had gone to work, the boys played on the computer and went for a walk to the road to nowhere and down the canal.  There was also some Jurassic park watching and a bit of primeval.  A good day was had by all!

That evening we made a flier from work to pick up the new router, dh got it working and the internet was back!!!


Red nose day in school so lots of excited kids, bouncy castles and some rather funny magicians!

The boys went for a walk with Aunty E and showed her where the first geocache was hidden and took some picnic snacks onto the common.  There was certainly some carnivores playing, Lego and other bits and bobs and everyone had rather nasty coughs and colds :0(



Despite coughs we decided to try and get out for a bit of fresh air and went to find some geocaches at Sandwell valley (we did however gives swimming a miss as it tends to make their colds and coughs awful).  It was good fun although we didn’t really manage that long a time as everyone was  a bit poorly.  We came home and had some playing in the house and planting some seeds for the green house.  We’ve got some basil, parsley, dill and coriander done and aubergines, tomatoes and beans.  We did think about how many we were planting this time and have done small amounts to try and get a staggered harvest and also so we don’t have too many to plant in the garden.


I did the marking that I had bought home with me (not something I normally do) but I just couldn’t face doing it at school on Friday.  All the SATs prep and stuff is really dragging me down a bit-it’s not how teaching should be but the pressure on the school to get a certain percentage is immense :0(  We cooked a lamb shank for dinner and the boys have had screen time, coughing seems to be a bit worse again today.  Tig is very keen for me to Lego with him so I’m going to have  look for some plans-he has made some of the most fantastic Lego transformers but I think he needs a change of topic to make things a bit more interesting again.

Ot fell asleep mid afternoon and is just not well :0(  B spent some time with dh doing some jigsaws and puzzles and Tig and I did a bit of Lego building.  The Lego is so messy that I spent most of my time trying to find pieces, we have to find a way to sort it out!  A relaxed, peaceful weekend, despite the illness.