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Long Weekend


Oddly we’ve found it hard to get up and going today-bit of the Monday morning feeling I think.  Not helped by the mini flood caused by the washer and me emptying the under the sink cupboard and moving it (in case the washer man needs to get to the pipes tomorrow-thank goodness for British gas as the heating man’s coming too and it would no doubt cost a fortune but we pay monthly for thier cover.)

We’ve got a bit further with castles in that we’re going to play Siege ( a game I found here-, which looks like fun.  Fencing was good again although this is from T as I was in the car with B and OT as B was asleep and had had a rotten night so I didn’t want to disturb his sleep.  A lot of DSing and Transformer playing as well as castle playing yesterday and today.

We found frog spawn yesterday so we are hoping to collect a little bit and watch it grow as soon as the rain stops although we’re stuck in tomorrow getting stuff fixed.  Chicken food and drawing on the right side of the brain arrived today along with a castle book-what can I say I’m a bibliophile and I can’t resist books!  Hoping to get to the library tomorrow and plan out the next instalement of the video/DVD extravaganza with T and Ot.


Late nights and early mornings!


Late nights and early mornings are telling on T today, together with feeling a bit off because of his cold.  Lots of frustration and yelling, just general grumpy meanness-I am fighting the urge to tell him to go sit in their house in the garden and not come in until he can treat us all with a bit of courtesy!

B has been outside and played in the mud and on the swing as has Ot.  We didn’t go to swimming as T and Ot are both cold filled and abandoned the plan to go to the sea life for the afternoon too-maybe tomorrow.

I am trying to persuade people to come and have a go at making a tower for the castle and to find some energy (B was up at 2 and up on and off until he fell asleep at 5 when I finally gave in and got up.)

Yesterday dh and I managed to rough out a plan for the garden but I’m now dithering over the chickens….we have an Eglu, the run was too small for the 4 of them so we created an alternative, and then a second alternative….I am now considering switching to wood but am concerned with the cleaning and mites-any advice anyone please leave a comment!  I also need to measure up and sort out a bed for Ben for Easter amongst other things. *yawn*

Thursday and Friday


The boys had good days at Nannys.  Ot managed not to be sick this week hurray!  B however made up for this with a super sore bum and nasty nappies and Tig had the starts of a rotten cold.

They did a bit of Ed city, Mathletics and drawing; some TV watching and computer playing and general play.  T got his yello belt at Karate on Thursday and they all ent to soft play on Friday afternoon and had lots of fun.

I managed to get the big pics up on Thursday with some help and they look pretty good.

Heading out…..


We are heading out to S.V. nature reserve  today to meet up and have a session with the ranges, finding out about trees mini beasts and poss. pond dipping.  We’re about to get suited up in our waterproofs and take a detour via Asda as we’ve just discovered T’s wellies are holey!

Hopefully a good day, E is looking after B for the day so he’ll have fun too!

It was a lovely day, E the ranger was great; walked id’s some trees, tried to call woodpeckers, hunted mini beasts, saw swans and herons and that was before lunch.  T got over excited in places but I guess like everything it’ll get better with practice and as he gets to know people better.  Ot was very tired by lunch and it started to show he found it much harder to stay focused and even harder to listen plus he was all over me alternately wanting to hug and be carried and having bursts of energy and cross/aggressive words-all of which indicate tires (or hungry).  I think that he was’;t too bad but I was really grateful to E for having B as both would have been too much today and I don’t think Ot would have got much out of it……  They both had a great day and really enjoyed it and want to do it again, everyone was really friendly and lovely.  I am cream crackered especially after blitzing the house.  B has a v sore patch under his testicles from an upset tum-prob due to teething-E coped admirably by bathing, using a towel and 2 elastic  bands like a Sumo!  It’s def time for bed, although dh is not home yet so there will be resistance.

Naughty Knights and Crumbly Castles


HAd a bit of a chat this morning with T about whether he wanted to find out any more about castles and knights;  he came up with the idea of creating lots of little videos of making things, info animations all sorts to make a DVD-imagine a Ben 10 day but this would be castles.  Including documentaries of visits.

Today he researched and planned out a little clip (Jumbo Jones discovers castles.) that tells you about 3 main castle types using a character called Jumbo Jones-he’s a very famous explorer.  Next Ot and T are keen to do a mighty master make and create a castle- along the lines of Mister Maker but 2 brothers-hence we’re all eating pringles so we have 4 towers!

We’ve been out in the garden-can’t wait for Dad to come and lay the patio and sort it out!  Done some swinging, climbing and general playing.  Did a bit of maths-Ot looking at making 6 and 7 and T re-capping on ordering fractions, making wholes and simple fraction probs.

Ot did lots of fire engine playing and T did Legoing.  Ben was very off this am but had fun in the garden after dinner-I think he might be teething again.

I’m off to hoover and then we’re playing Mario.

What’s been going on???


Well, 2 days in work and the large pieces of art work are pretty much complete just one or two gaps to fill in and then i will put it up on Thursday!!!! Looked pretty impressive I think and the children were all really proud and pleased with what they had achieved together.
Boys did variable amounts of work at Moms over the 2 days but had a good time and got a bit done. Ot struggled more-I am guessing because he heads up to the computer and basically stays there. Ot was sick again ont he way there on Friday, mom said he was stroppy on Friday-personally so would I be had I been sick :0)
T was most excited when the dino magazines came and he had 3 at once-Ot however looked really sad, especially as T was just dominating and not sharing at all despite suggestions-dinos are for him-We checked with mom and it is to be shared despite T’s initial assertions to the contrary but tbh dinos are not Ot’s thing they are T’s and the magazines language is too hard for Ot to read and enjoy as it would be that bit too hard so in a mo I am going to sort out a subscription to an art magazine. Ben was fairly oblivious although he does want to play with the dino eyes!
Mom apparently took offence and said Rich had ‘tore her to pieces’ and I have to say from my end of the phone that wasn’t the impression I got hey ho and def. not the intention simply to find out if T was swinging the lead a bit with his it’s all mine routine!
ANyhow had a lovely weekend, no swimming this week as we did some painting, headed out to the arboretum, did some playing and reading etc and on SUnday went to Barr Beacon (poo city) then home to play in the garden and we did a science kit on acids and bases before watching a Scooby Doo DVD.
Tried out HFW chicken stuffed with pearl barley and apricot which we liked and made tirmasu-yum! T is having some probs sleeping at the moment.
TOday we did a bit of maths from our books, and some mathletics and looked at some quick sentence skills. Got down the kitchen and cooking stuff and played with that. Headed out to Fencing for T which he loved. Really lovely atmosphere and a smashing chap ran the class. tried my best to chat and stuff but I find it really hard. Headed to Tesco to buy the Daily mirror and get our free Lego-great. Now having some more Lego playing fun then a quick tidy, tea and Badgers for T.

Same old same old!


Well, we  got the cars and vehicles down and played with them 1st thing including various fire emergencies for Ot which arrived by fax (strips of paper that I write on and he pulls through my fingers).  Bit of book maths while breakfast was cooking, T was working on +/- word problems and Ot was just starting so going over easy ground for basic number recognition etc.  We listened to SOTW with breakfast then labeled a motte and bailey castle and did some map work.  T finished off a 2004 reading SAT-he really disliked the level of writing needed and we did it in bits and dabs he scored 29/30 missing a mark because he couldn’t face writing the answer-he was however pleased with his mark and that he found it easy; I am going to do the L3, and maths plus writing- but low key and over a bit of time.  In all honesty mainly for me to reassure but also it can be sueful sometimes flagging up soemthing we haven’t covered or is not grasped.  Ot did a quick bit of writing practice, I think that now the weather is getting better we’ll do more of this outside with water and brushes as the larger movements will be more suited at the moment and also help him to refine the formation. This took us up until snack at about 10.

We headed out to grab some shopping and thankyou cards, unfortunately there were not sufficient places to hunt for toy bargains for the boys so somewhere different next week.  We did however grab the stuff for tea which turned out tastily.  (Breast of lamb with apricot stuffing, bulgar wheat with tomatoes, peppers and a dressing of cumin, chilli, paprika, oil, lemon juice, roasted onions and flat breads).  Typically the boys ate the bread and not much else not making a big thing out of food is becoming increasingly hard for me as I am a foodie and I also hate  (and don’t) cook 2 different meals so I have gone for the put it on the table with at least one thing they will like option at the moment.  The lady in WHSmiths was pro home ed and had done so for a year with her son before he started secondary (where he’s well ahead of his peers).

I have to admit to being totally washed out and tired today so any impetus really came from the boys; After dinner they went off to play Lego whilst I prepared tea and B had a nap.  I had a stonking headache so took a bit to just have a few minutes quiet.  Some lovely Lego creations and T and Ot are really cooperating and playing well it seems-T is an ‘expert’ Ot gets frustrated so Ot is now giving T his heap of bricks and blocks and instructions  and T is building….I suggested to T he starts to show Ot how to do things and gets Ot to have a go even though it might be slower and harder so Ot learns some skills like attaching wheels and mud guards etc.

Ot has been doing loads of computer using, Pac man, Mario and you tube so some surreptitious observing to make sure it’s suitable-I don’t want to squash his enthusiasm and independence but am concerned-we have a program to install on the machines  so we can stop him going on sites we don’t want him too but we’ve talked about suitable and unsuitable and he doe seem to be taking this on board plus there are obviously safeguards already in place on his machine…..  He also spent time on 2 simple diy creating Pacman mazes and games to play.

There was some garden playing and running around, and watching the Mario film, bit of DS playing and reading too.

Yawn, work tomorrow and Friday.