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The First Week of September…


I’m going to go for quick summary of our first week, I’ll flesh it out later

Monday-maths with T working on number bonds and number stories, which he liked; matching and pairing with Ot; Bit of sentence writing and some phonic re-ca with Ot-not all that successful as Ot was not in the mood so I decided to re-cap on each of them when the mood took him.  Talked about what T wanted to find out about Rocks and fossils and stuck questions up.  There was some game playing and the like in here…..I forget what though!

Tuesday-More work on number bonds with T, up to 7 need to consolidate and play a bit; more matching and finding odd ones out with Ot-who can ‘do it myself’.  Bit of sentence writing, playing in the garden. We listened to SOtW and did the colouring, map work and had a go at writing like SUmarians, using clay and the cuneiform (sp) alphabet.

Wednesday-Bit of work on number bonds, used some jigsaw puzzles, a number weight balance from ELC and then drawing pics of the number bonds which T really liked.  Managed just to get a bit of writing done.  M and G came to play for the first time which was fun, a bit chaotic just because we had swimming to get to in the pm as well but good.  Arranged to get together on Tuesday next week.  fab that they’ll come to me as I’m slow getting all 3 out still!  Built a fab brio train track!

Thursday- Great number bonds with T first thing did re-cap and number bonds to 8.  Went swimming with Aunty Petal, Ot was really excited, Ben liked it too.  Everyone had a good time. KFC, took Sarah to work, came home; bit of playing, bit of writing (T not in the mood) Ot did a bit of finding the things that go together like pencil and paper.  Fossil/rocks arrived to great excitement from T, Ot liked the bubbles better!

Friday-I didn’t want to get up but dragged myself from bed at 7; Dh had fed and dressed them as he had a slightly later start.  T has woked some more on number bonds this morning and a little writing, including using speech marks.  He’s def got the hang of capitals and full stops and capitals for I and proper nouns.  Ot and I are now off to ed city.  We made some biscuits and iced them which they both enjoyed, B has been teething so a little unsettled….

Other bits-marble collecting as a reward works but need to be more positive and consistent.  It really reminds me to actually say good stuff more. Sounds horrid put like that but it’s easy to slip into don’t do that NO! mode sometimes.  Found a gym club for them both and a possible alternative to trampolining.  Mom and I have had words, again-just CBA it’s just taking too much time, energy and everything so I’ve just left her well alone.  It’s her birthday tomorrow and she’s not going to believe that I don’t have the car so  she’ll prob think I’m sulking or something.  I also haven’t had time to make or get cards or a present so tomorrow may prove to be a tad stressful-we’ll see.


It’s Been A While……


In fact, it’s been a good long while I think.  we are now a family of five and Benjamin Carwyn is nearly 5 months old!  We have had a lovely long summer holiday and at some point soon I will amend this post to update on at least of few of the comings, goings and carryings on of our family.  But for now, once again, we’re blogging :0)