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Monday was or at least felt somewhat manic….racing trying to get a bit of maths books done, some sounds stuff (complete withPlaydoh) and a bit of Spanish numbers then picking up mom, fencing and heading to the garden centre.  Didn’t make badgers but did make a splendid train track!

Today was grumpy, we all ended up having late nights (mainly due to my upset tum throwing bedtime wonky).  Upside down drawing was a huge struggle and I was Mrs Shouty :0(  on the positive side the drawings they created were great and their colour mixing with watercolours is improving. We did some large medieval nights using the window as a light box plus found out a bit about heraldry and created shields.  Interesting comments about the Early Renaissance/late Gothic painter we looked at; Ot prefered the medieval manuscript.



Thursday was a mixed day, work was generally OK; circus of activities went well but children struggled with the idea of taking ownership and responsibility and not having an adult going do this…..however that’s the big part of the learning curve-learning how to find out not just being spoon fed…anyway enough of work!

boys also had a mixed day, Ot is being particularly difficult for mom (dh’s mom) indeed his behaviour sounded absolutely horrid really aggressive and generally awful….so some thinking to do there mainly based around his desire to just sit at the computer doing you-tube (not allowed as we can not find a way to filter out the rather foul mouthed versions of fireman sam/mario etc) and not doing any of the things from his things to do box.  This week I’ve suggested mom gets both tig and Ot working together as then Ot will be less resistant and also I’ll leave some of the things like games/jigsaws for THursday rather than the computer based ones.

Friday was lovely-B and Tig had a great day at moms and Ot was wonderful at Warwick castle;  he knew where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do, took the lead, asked and answered some brilliant question and stayed pretty focused and engaged for 3 hours-no mean feat at 4 1/2!  His behaviour was fantastic and there is a marked difference between him alone and with his brothers…this is a ponderer.

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Today both older boys went swimming and B went for a walk to feed the ducks with dh whilst we played archery in the garden (with the sets Ot chose for his brothers from Warwick castle) and pegged washing and got ready for the BBQ…which I am now off to eat!!!!!


Science wednesday has been hijacked by the TV, allbeit magic school bus (which are sciency).  Tig is really reluctant to write after not really doing any writing over Easter…..I did not handle this well and went totally authoritarian so I need to modify my response however after a shaky start investigating the best material for the catapult to launch went well, and we can let the COnstable of the castle know!  The boys enjoyed opeingina nd reading the scrolls from the castle asking for help from them and we’re heading out, after I have taken the chicken out of the oven, to the garden centre to get some compost, herb seeds, and cress seeds for their second scrolls.

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They both enjoyed making their phonic sounds from playdoh this morning and have had a quick 10 minutes oustside and playing in their ‘toyclub’ underneath the new midi bed in their room.

I have found this site which has magic school bus episodes to watch online plus the magic school bus website so hopefully at least variety will happen!!! May well send them to moms tomorrow as I don’t want them to watch transformers II again and they weill harrass her as they’ve watched it there last week.

THey have opted for some outdoor playing though!  Chicken is out of the oven so I am going to suggest we head out as soon as I have restored order to at least 1 room!!! I think E had the right idea going to the library to study.


Well, today was lovely- sketch Tuesday; initially not enthusiastically recieved but at the end of it all they both had had a fabulous day and had real feelings of pride and it has been agreed that sketch Tuesday should be back nets week!  We did some upside down drawing, found out about mdeieval art and created a wet on wet stormy sky castle pic.  This was followed by creating an epic Lego castle with all of the parts we could remember (actually them as I only questioned do we have them all, is anything missing) and in the end the only major omisions were the salt cellar and infirmary which is pretty good and everyone helped to make it.  Added to this 1st thing we did a quick bit of cuisinaire rod maths which was greatly enjoyed to!  Interspersed with playing, magic school bus watching and snacks a lovely day.

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Yesterday was busy with fancing (good again) getting mom, getting some maths and writing etc done, cooking fairy cakes and Badgers for T  a good if somewhat busy day.  Tomorrow we’re planning  a science Wednesday…..we’ll have to see how that goes.


We’re off to Warwick castle!!!!  And Tig and Ot are really excited!!!!!

It was good, other than the somewhat unhelpful ticket person who had us waiting for 40 minutes because he couldn’t process our card application to be then told that we could just go in and sort it out on the way out by a much more helpful man.

The boys enjoyed seeing the barbican, walking on the ramparts and seeing the towers and King maker exhibition.  We popped into the great hall and all enjoyed watching the 2 knights living history demo…..I learned about whitesmiths and that black was the most fashion conscious colour in medieval times!

Had an interesting brainstorm with dh of some stuff it might be interesting to do linked to castles and knights-started off thinking about science question posing and solving and expanded to other stuff-bes ideas were:

investigate the best liquid to soak a torch in to make it burn for the longest

letter from castle butler, King is visiting and they need the best Ginger beer/lemonade recipe for the tasters to test in x weeks

cook needs help to make the most sugar she can dissolve in her jam to make it extra sweet

find out about preserving and look at mould forming on different foods in different places

compare different methods of washing which is best-also could look at old and new methods of stain removal which is best

Best recipes for peppermint tea

What shape/weight/material make a trebuchet  shot travel the furthest.

Best surface for a siege tower to travel on

How the length of a flight affects how far an arrow will shoot

Create a model lute with 4 working strings of 4 different pitches

Find best recipe for creating sealing wax

create a tapestry box using the large plastic tapestry material then sewing together-learn half cross stitch.

make seal rings using fimo/stamps/clay

Make candles, find out about how candles would have been made

Added to the obvious making of shields, helmets, swords.

Investigate best material/size to make a windmill turn the fastest or just make them for fun in the garden

Message from doctor/herbalist find the best material to grow herbs in/ best conditions to grow herbs/what is the mystery herb seed.

Cress knot garden

Making puppets to retell a story



Recording a story sounds so simple yet it was a challenge and a half, what with nose picking on camera, discussions about whose page it was in the middle, B being incredibly noisy at all the wrong moments…however a solution was found-dh read and Ot was camera man, Phew!

Saving now and getting ready to upload to our knights and castles Blog. Next bit of stuff is to plan out where we need to film at Warwick castle  for Tiger’s documentary type video about the parts of a castle.

We’ve had 4 lovely eggs from the chooks today so they’re well and truely settled in their new home and we are having some gardening fun and tidying!

Finally made Tig’s Mario pillow that I had been promising for a week or so and he was really pleased with it (we did a deal that if he could get to sleep for 7 nights running without taking ages and stay asleep then I’d make him a new pillow.  Ot now wants one so no doubt a deal will be struck!

We haven’t planned out what we’re doing tomorrow, originally it was Warwick castle but we’ll have to see….off to bed now; yawn.

I’ve been printing out some more structured phonics and have made a weekly resource based on mini skool ideas from here, hopefully their  being in control of the when we cover basic skills will reduce some of my  worries about pushing but will also ensure that the basics are covered-as parents dh and I just find total autonomy to much, we feel the need for a more formal approach to some of the basic literacy, numeracy skills-but that doesn’t mean sitting with a book at a table or me ‘teaching’ just that we take a more structured approach to some things and don’t just accept/expect that eventually if they need to they will learn them…

The little table whatsists have various activities on them with the idea being that they will cover them within a week whenever they are ready to but it is their responsibility to cover them and show that they have worked on those areas.  Taking my cue a little from teh Blog I found the idea on I have one too as I am becoming laptop addicted again and not spending enough time a)on the children and b)in the real world!  Also feel that B really does get the short straw and not much actual time with me being actually really focused on him…we’ll see how it goes.