Monthly Archives: September 2010

Back after the Summer


Well, we’re getting back into it all after the summer.  Formal work is in the morning to be completed by 11 at the latest-I’m mentally aiming for 10…..I’m trying hard to do more fun and games and not be so formal as it’s not my style or intention just I seem to have fallen into a rut…anyway having lots of fun with Ot in numberland complete with mad voices-todays was a gruff northern nine….who was made by partitioning 18 and subtracting 9 Mrs 18 was somewhat taken aback to hear a northern voice as she’s quite high and squeaky :0-I think it’s a case of you had to be there to get just how funny maths is at the moment :0)

Word land owe Ot a reply for his new labels using his phonics which I must chase them up about ;0) and great fun was had making and sinking  a paper Titanic.  Ot is really into Britannic, TItanic etc and loves re-enacting the stories and building the models.  I am hoping to get him to create a comic version as I think he’d enjoy that.  We’re getting through some SOTW but have slowed down a bit-the last one I have on my computer wouldn’t work today so I need to sort that out in the morning.

We’re trying to get some phonics, maths, Spanish, SOTW, Science and reading done every day and then have another something going on like arty/crafty or music.  ICT is getting less teaching but loads of time as they are using the internet however I’m concerned that whilst they are developing their searching skills we’re not learning about much else so I need to extend this and may cut down the internet time in favour of some other stuff.

Tiger has been pretty good but today was a bit of a melt down struggling with maths more because he didn’t want to go it alone than any lack of ability to do it-and he can’t monopolise all of my time and that’s what’s been happening-we need to think of some ways to deal with this and I need to help him through this as it’s obviously a big thing for him but I’m not sure why….anyway off to bed now but hopefully blogging a bit more regularly

Oh Ot has made ecoli and diarrhea next is bronchitis (virus models hanging above his bed!!!)