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Tig passed his fencing grade 1 today :0)  And added to that he was Badger of the week at Badgers (so he’s smiling from here to I don’t know where!)

Given the hot sunny days we have mainly had fun in the garden, walked along the canal and played.

Elliot is still hugely into the digestive system and we have to ‘do’ some more tomorrow.  Tig is really grasping the atoms, grasping how to find the number of neutrons from the periodic table, knowing where to find the particles, comparative size and mass and had good fun making atoms from buttons and little strawberry sweets (electrons!)

Had an interesting discussion with some other parents at fencing which got me thinking once again about funding for activities which are either hard or expensive to access……it would be really useful to speak to others who have done this successfully.



Slight blog hiatus, mainly caused by mys SIMs 3 addiction as rather than blog I’ve grabbed a spot of simming!  Knight lapbook is all but finished just needs last couple of books and some photos.  Ben has very nearly got all of the colours and is making a good go at learning to recognise some letters (NB he’s really hitting the period for memory games and we just play memory games with the magnetic letters and use sounds and words he likes….find a….there it is a for apple….p for pac man etc so he obviously at 2 doesn;t understand initial letter sounds but he is enjoying remembering a word, sound and shape and it seems to have helped Ot and TIg to get to grips with a phonetic approach to reading as well as using memory of sight words.)

Ot has recently become obsessed with the digestive system, after watching the magic school bus a few million times.   He constantly tells you all about it and lobes the oesophagus!  He did a fab diagram on 2 simple and told me the labels which is fab.  Tig has stared to get interested atoms and stuff so we’ve been looking at that.  We also looked a bit at 2 point perspective and had a go at drawing cubes and blind contour drawing.  I think we may have a break from perspective and look at figures and faces and proportions (might need to reinforces some fraction stuff too.)

Ot was ill on Tuesday, nasty tummy bug and slept and was just generally really not himself.  He seems to be back to normal but rather tired.  LAst week Tig went to the egyptian day at B’ham museum and really enjoyed his day; handled some artifacts and had fun talking Lego and playing with some of the children.

Fencing went fairly well, Tig has a bit of a lazy guard I think, it’s grading this week and we’ve tried to grab some chances to practice the questions but with Ot being ill and work we need to do a bit more and quickly!

I’m planning to head out to a zoo or farm on Friday I think if it’s dry and perhaps think tank and soft play if not.  That’s about it really I think.


Well, it’s a week since blogging-naught, naughty!  Last week on science Wednesday we got scrolls begging for help from the castle cook and the butler.  The cook needed to know the best way to get the most sugar to dissolve and the butler needed the best recipe for lemonade.  We set up fair tests and the idea seems to be sinking in of how to make it fair.  Some interesting discussions.  We each investigated one of the questions (with help) and then told each other what we’d found out.  I acted as the group scribe as writing seems to be getting in the way of the science bit- I have to constantly remind myself to think about what the point is-is it to write or to plan a fair test?  We talked about designing tables and using them and then the boys chose who they would write their scroll reply to.  They enjoyed sealing the scrolls (luckily I remembered to take pics 1st!

Thursday and Friday were at Nannys, Ben and I had a lovely day out on Friday, starting in Tesco (sounds boring but it was honestly really fun) looking at the flowers and finding all kinds of colours-I think it was just great to have the time and ability to stay focused on Ben with no-one else to think about.  We grabbed our snacks (the purpose of our visit really) and headed out to Sandwell Valley.  WE visited both farms, FOrge Mill and SV farm.  B had a lovely time.  He loved the chickens and would have spent ages with them (odd as we have 4 at home) and the peacocks tail was somewhat of a temptation!  Mom came with us and had to climb through a fence as she can’t walk through a field of cows-it was most amusing given that I had B on my shoulders and was trying to persuade her to just walk through offering my ‘protection’  as she tried climbing over (top fence slat was too weak), going through and considering walking all the way back!

Saturday DH was at uni working on his PhD, the boys and I caught up on their things to do boxes as they’d used being at Nannys as a perfect opportunity to ‘forget them’.  Had a talk about taking responsibility…..Then in the afternoon we had some Mario fun, garden fun and TV watching.

Sunday dh took them to get some cards and pressies for my b’day and I played a whole heap of SIMs.  The boys did lots of playing and garden fun-when I discovered the huge pits-too big to be holes- and masses of mud they had some fun clearing up too!!!!!

All this was intersperesd with lots of playing, transformers playing, reading, watching magic school bus and some computer time.

Mondya was my birthday, lots of hugs, pressies in bed, breakfast anda  lazy day.  We all chilled-lovely to have us all home on a birthday.  dh got me a lovely clock which you photos in which I am hoping to ‘do’ in a few minutes plus some books and a lovely old style notebook and dipping pen.  MIL/FIL and BIL came round and it was lovely to see them all;  dh’s bro gave me money-1st time ever I think as he’s like me and likes to get a pressie however I was actually pleased as with the fem quid I’d got saved and the money from my MIL and him I had enough to head out yesterday and buy a plethora of cottage garden flowers and some herbs and a few packets of seeds.  We made a lovely little nook of cottage garden plants in the garden, Tig learned how to plant the plants and some of the names. The chickens are a nightmare and the boys have to patrol the new flowers when they’re out but it is lovely to have some colour in the garden-I can’t wait until they all grow together and hopefully there’s just a lovely mass of colour, the little path and bench and i can sit in the flowers!  Just a little concerned that the hollyhocks may be a bit tall for where they are-we’ll see!

MIL got me a lovely card with a great message/quote on it:

Wishing you the wings to fly,

the vision to dream wildly

the heart to love deeply

and the spirit to embrace all the beauty in life.

Which really sums up what I’d like for my boys and it was lovely that she’d chosen that for me.  Also some really luscious hand cream (hibiscus and something) and some lovely orange and lavender incense sticks and a mood light which the boys have now ‘borrowed’ for their tent den!

My dad rang to wish me happy birthday and E had him convinced I was locked in the garage-I think it was one of those you had to be there moments but it was soooo funny.  Bless he was telling her instructions fr dh (DIY challenged) to get me out.

Tuesday we found out a bit about 1 point perspective and created a simple pic with vanishing point.  We also sorted renaissance and more modern pics and ID’d the horizon and vanishing points. SOme lovely discussions about the pics.  I wasn’t as happy with the upside down drawing.  I chose a simpler line drawing and it was oddly much harder as every line had to be exactly right.  They need more practice with looking at the lines and the comparative position and sizing.

In the afternoon we planted the flowers and had some time in the garden then had tea.

Today we did a quick bit of sounds and maths at the table after breakfast (and watering the plants) and Ben joined us again for a bit of drawing then he has played with the blocks.  Everyone is now having ‘free’ time and the boys are playing upstairs and judging from the giggles having fun.  They’re letting  B join in which is a challenge for Ot so I’m hoping that that goes well.