Monthly Archives: March 2006

Hectic Housework!


Wednesday and Thursday have been at home which has been oddly hectic, probably because I’ve been trying to do houseworky type stuff and the boys just want me to play.  My sister Sarah stayed and did some playing whilst I did a mountain of ironing.  We’ve also all been a  bit tired.

Wednesday we did a load of game playing, jumping around a huge world map to find continents with Tiger and Ot joining in by crawling all over!  Played pop up dragons and seemed to get the hang of taking turns and did some jigsaw matching.  ALso managed some building and general dancing and playing. Also did some word practice after dinner. Oh yes did some cooking for the freezer too. Gosh how could I forget made a combine harvester and train from junk with Tiger and Ot.

Thursday did some colouring some digger and pretend play,some counting and block building all together some singing and bus driving!


Monday mayhem!


Actually it wasn’t that bad, just felt a bit hectic. 

Got up, dressed, fed quick clean, built huge train track and we all played disasters, chuffing and thomas with gusto.  Also Tiger fixed the train track with a bit of direction after Ot created a huge earthquake!

We were doing great, very calm until I phone to check mom was still coming and got an earbashing……long and short it was messy at hers, then the bus didn’t come so ended up getting her half way.  At this point it started to become less calm however we got fed, toileted, out on time and arrived 10 mins early for Jo Jingles….I think We’ll try to get there a little bit later next week.

Jo Jingles had it’s ups and downs….ups Tiger was very excited and keen, confident with the children to a point, enjoyed the movement, remembered exactly which spot he sat on last time.  The downs were that he got a bit over exuberant (mad racing  during the train song, suicidal teddy throwing-he was meant to throw once but he wouldn’t stop! Running over to nanna, talking over Sarah and I had to take him outside to calm down and explain that if he didn’t try really hard to follow the instrucions and copy Sarah we’d have to leave.)  That said, despite me sinking through the floor, I think it’s worth persevering with. 

1. He enjoys it

2. It gets us out of the house

3. He enjoys seeing the other children

4. The coordination of actions, walking singing at the same time is something he finds challenging and would be a good thing to master….multitasking is good!

5. Singing in a group, I think, is a really lovely experience and this is the toddler equivalent.

6. Experience of a short period of structure of our choice.

After JJ we headed to pickup uncle from school, then to ‘The Asda’ where i was conned out of 5 hot wheels vehicles…..hoever i got him to choose 1 and hid the others for suitable moments.

We then headed to nannas for tea, stayed for a while, had a play, both had some mommy’s milk,  then went to pick hubby up from School at about quarter to eight after governors.

Home, Cuddles, Tiger was fast asleep, more milk for Ot in front of Dalziel and Pascoe, bed, quick whispereed chat about our days…sleep!

Other highlights that I can remember are:

OT trying to build towers and Tiger reading 9 words (a, and, it, the, I, my, is, in, with)-especially fab ‘casue it was him who asked if he could learn to read words last week!!!!!

Chasing Chickens….


Well, cockerels to be precise. We went to the nature centre today and Tiger and Ot enjoyed spotting the animals. ot was a bit tired and when the turkeys gobbled he jumped out of his skin!
Tiger spotted cockerels and really wanted to pet them, hence the chase….He was pretty keen to learn the names of some new aimals and asked for a merecat model on the way out.

We headed back home for lunch and to meet some friends of ours. They popped in to collect some belated b’day gifts. Colds have been doing the rounds so we hadn’t seen each other this week. It was nice to catch up with K and R but it was a brief visit as OJ was fast asleep in the car.

Tiger was really pleased when k sent him a photo message of OJ opening his pressies and an invite to go and play with him next weekend…..we may pop over on Tuesday too.

Next we headed to see hubby’s parents. His brother and other half were there so we saw everyone in one go. Tiger had a good time but I was knackered (probablly due to my 4:00am start) so we didn’t stay long.

Knackered and insomniac…might as well blog!


I am absolutely cream crackered, both boys have colds and are off colour and have woken at 4, I can’t get back to sleep despite being really tired.  Ot has just woken again soI’m off to get him and breast feed……

One handed typing is so slow but I want to quickly blog about yesterday and poss this week.

 i decided that it was time to stop being a hermit and only going to the park and feeding ducks and this week was going to be operation get out and do stuff!

Bit of background: I’m a cr** navigator and get really stressed if i’m going somewhere for a certain time and I don’t know the way.  I find meeting new people kid of stressful….I tend to think they hate me or i’m boring etc.  I tried a toddler group with Tiger when he was about 8months and we both hated it:too noisy to be heard, kids on bikes driving practically over little ones, dirty, no structure, I could go on…..

Now, don’t get me wrong, we do go out and do things but I think Tiger needs a bit more contact with children and to get used to new situations and handling them.  So this week we’ve Jo Jingled(enjoyed this despite steep learning curve for Tiger-what’s this sitting on a spot malarky!  Have to say he did pretty well from my pov and by the end of the sesssion seemed to get how it all worked and was joining in with the actions!) and Tumble totted.

Tumble Tots was yesterday.  We took nanna as an extra pair of hands and we enjoyed it. The equipment was great and Ot loved the mirrors and chasing the balls. Tiger loved the equipment and was somewhat impatient to get on it,  i think a coupleof weeks and he’ll get the hang of the sitting and listening to instructions, making trains and stopping on the whistle! 

After Tumbe Tots we nipped into town to grab some SATs revision guides for maths as my little sister asked me to help her.  Back home grab sandwich head out to pick up said sister from school whilst the boys stayed with nanna and uncle. Then off to hubbys school maths tutoring in his office….so a huge amount of navigation to new places this week and did i get lost…! Am I childishly pround of my achievement……oh YES!!!!!

Added tothat the boys really enjoyed getting out and me and my sis (who I’ll call helmut pig….she was caught enjoying an episode of Peppa Pig and a nickname was born) revising a huge amountof decimals percentages and fractions.

Next week we may even try a taster session of Soccatots….am I addicted to Tot groups…who knows….who cares,we had fun!

To blog or not to blog – decision made!


Finally, I’ve taken the step to set up a blog, it may be a brief journey, it may go the same way the journal did but given the fact that I generally manage to check my ‘me-mails’ (as Tiger calls them) there’s probably more chance that I’ll use this-plus at least it’ll be legible!

This is a record for me and for the boys so it may be boring to some.   All I can say is if talk of learning to draw a tractor; walk a first step; say “ssss…”; learning to roar or visiting the co-op without demanding a magazine isn’t an achievment which makes you smile- you should probably skip past this blog.  If it is then feel free to pop in and see what we’re up to and say hi.