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Photo ROund Up!


Forest School in the back garden with S and her guys after T club.  Whittling, pea shooter making, drilling, sawing…what fun!

2012-11-12 001

Tig’s prototype Christmas Shrinkle  key ring ready for his first T Club Craft Club session (which went very well!)

Christmas Shrinkles 2012-11-26 004

Making some mince pies using the last of last years mincemeat (well we thought there was another jar but there wasn’t so we made more on the 23rd of Dec when we realised that there was no other jar!)

Making candles with Tiger 2012-11-26 001

We tried out the candle making kit and improvised our own in a tea cup candles using Hendricks Gin Cups!

Making candles with Tiger 2012-11-26 002Making candles with Tiger 2012-11-26 003

It was cold, wet, and dark by the time we got back with enough Y shaped twigs for about half of our histroy group at T club and some twiggy supplies from fallen trees after nasty weather.  the guys worked really hard (thanks S and her guys for collecting the other half of the Y shaped twigs for us).

Twig collecting 2012-11-25 001Twig collecting 2012-11-25 002

Year Six made 3 catapults in one day…..amazing and such fun-thanks M for creating the kits!  This is the only pic I can find where you can’t see someone’s face.

Y6 making catapults 2012-11-28 058

I have to admit, there was much more to November but, it’s now January and I’ve slept (a lot) since then!  In history club we ordered timelines, identified eras objects were from, made catapults and shot like the Greeks, replica rings and roman mosaic inspired coasters.  Craft club has gone well which has been great.  There were quite a few Nanny and Grandad days to get in to do projects like the catapults so lots of fun and learning but relaxed!


This week


A busy week, but with lots of lovely moments.  We kind of got back into the swing of our lollipop job sticks and we’ve added in ICT (although I need to get a better plan together for this!!!).  We only managed one story of the world this week but we did get in a lot more science stuff than usual which was great.

On Monday we got lots of jobs done, Tig went to music at Forest Arts and had a good session.  We investigated dissolving and particle size, using different kinds of sugar. 

On Tuesday we had a workshop at T club, science in a suitcase, which was all about forces and physics. We enjoyed trying out some different experiments with light and colour, balancing, magnets and magnetic tracks, zoetropes, tornado tubes with lots of interesting questions posed and explanations suggested.  After T club we went to D&A’s to play.  There was some toy playing, we did a couple of science experiments (burning money and making a balloon fireproof) then some Halloween colouring before setting off home for tea.

Wednesday was Halloween so we had a day of Halloween inspired fun.  We made Halloween biscuits, garlic dough balls, cakes, jellies and talked a lot about changes and colours.  We each investigated our prefect ooblec recipe, measuring water and flour by volume.  We made our own slime/silly putty and decided we needed to perfect the recipe but were all watching it act like a liquid when it was left in a container or out on the side and feeling a bit amazed!  We decorated the dining table, raced around to try and find costumes (we lost our box in the depths of the garage) and ended up with face painted zombies, with scars and suitable torn and grubbied t-shirts.  We just about managed to carve pumpkins and have our ‘roast witches fingers with giants’ belly buttons’ aka sausages and Yorkshire puddings!  A great time was had by the boys trick or treating, all remembering to use their manners beautifully.  B enjoyed playing the snakes and ladders game I found online (there’s a word on each square and you have to read it correctly to stay on the square) so I have been busily making some more.  Tig liked the colouring multiples activity we did as our maths and Ot liked the cute dot to dots.

Thursday and Friday I was in work and the boys had relaxed days at Granddad F’s.  Thursday (like Wednesday) was pretty wet and horrid but Friday the guys managed to get out to the park which they enjoyed.

I had a great time at Kenilworth castle on our classes trip and was amazed at how much I could remember about castles from last year!


Saturday R (dh) and I spent a couple of hours cleaning and tidying the house plus got fireworks and tea ready for when the guys were home from nannies.  We picked them up as it was getting dark and had great fun sharing all the fireworks, building a roaring blaze in the fire pit and eating sausages and marshmallows!

Sunday (today) we went back to see the pictures form the photo Last week-they were great.  Unfortunately it was pretty expensive.  We’d originally planned to get just one for ourselves, the cheapest, we ended up with 4 slightly more expensive (when we saw the size of the cheapest ones it was pretty tiny); we also bought Sand P one for their Christmas present and Mom got 2 for herself and used the voucher towards them.  After that we grabbed some fruit and veg from the farm shop, picked up the boys’ pocket money and headed to the afternoon car boot-which was somewhat disappointing but at least we know!  We’ve had fun making pasties for tea  and the filling for a chicken and leek pie for tea in the week;  We roasted a mix of root veg and had them with the pasties, the leftovers were blitzed to make a yummy roasted veg soup.  We’ve all had a bit of screen time and a chill this afternoon and now we’re waiting for the Tesco order to appear.


Photos to follow when they are on the computer!