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A Post Christmas Post!


As a now converted Mac user, the only thing I use windows for is live writer-to blog hence I’ve not blogged much as it is a pita to load up parallels.  So I’m trying Mars Edit-let’s see what it’s like….

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Well at first glance, it’s not bad-it can do images whilst offline but not videos-but I can use smile box for those and it’s not all that often I have heaps of videos to stick in.  Bring on the blogging!!!!!!

There has been a complete absence of blogging for 3 months so lots to try and capture.  I think I will create a smile box for each month and stick them in before the New Year as both I and the boys love looking back to old blog posts.




On Christmas Eve we always put out our Santa stop here sign, cook a ham, decorate the Christmas Cake, watch Santa on Norad and sing along to tacky (or not) CHristmas songs.  A little bit differently this year, we picked up the Turkey on the 23rd and decided to pop out for breakfast on CHristmas eve (in Sainsburys) and on the way back we saw 3+ deer on Brownhills common which put us in a lovely Christmas mood.

This is an album of our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Photos, in no particular order….


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December Daftness…


So our December was full of fun, daftness and family time.  In December, we don’t do our ‘ordinary’ learning we generally do crafts, write cards, listen and sing along to christmas songs, read christmas stories and enjoy the month a lot.  This year we had a snowman, with North Pole Magic, who came to stay-think ELf on the Shelf but not quite.  Our snowman was visiting and we could help him by ‘generating’ christmas spirit’ which he could take back to the north pole.  Generating Christmas spirit led to some interesting discussions a bout how, what, what happened if you didn’t and got us all thinking about what this meant.  Snowy sometimes was found in silly or slightly naughty poses (like making snow angels in icing sugar, or riding the reindeers across the living room but he was generally a lovely guy who happened to be able to speak to me and I could tell the boys what he’s said-Ot in particular loved this and would bring snowy to me to ask me to (wish I could remember the exact words) bring him to lit or speak for him.  

Snowy bought us packages which contained a book (a christmas story) and an activity for us to do.  We would do these during the day, interspersed with movies, reading, creating our christmas village in mine craft, reading part of the christmas story from our songbook and singing a song-the boys decided to learn to sing ‘The Angel Gabriel’ which they sang on CHristmas Eve.  

Here’s a little peek at some of what we did in December…..

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