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On the Fifteenth Day of Christmas, the Kentish Family…

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Had a lovely start-Tig is trying so hard and successfully with dealing with frustrating things, ‘no’ and keeping calmer!  Ot is languishing in computer world and I’ve caught up on some emails and ordering that needed to be done.  Still feeling off but trying to just get through it all.  B totally enjoyed watching nightmare before Christmas (twice) he’s been persuaded to watch Rudolph the red nosed reindeer now-his fav song!  I must try and get a video of him singing!  Tig has been doing some Lego and grabbed out the playdoh. 

B and Tig made spoon Christmas characters a bit fiddly but they were pleased with the results Tig made  a penguin and B made Santa.  We had lunch and finally persuaded Ot to make his snowman which he was pleased with.  B made an angel magnet-he likes doing the making stuff but wants to do all of the Santas!

Tried to get tidy- R and E were computing and finishing assignments respectively and not all that much help really.  TBH the boys behaviour seemed to get worse as soon as they were up and about although there was no reason for that just an observation.  They eventually set of to dads just before tea time!  We managed between us (the boys and I) to get the washing upstairs and put away (after a fashion), the playroom tidied-there is a floor and bedrooms made vaguely neat.  In bits and dabs as I am still feeling yack with bursts of energy and lots of uncomfortableness and burning today :0(  Hey ho, hopefully it will get better although I am thinking that a trip to the quacks is becoming more necessary.

After tea we got into bed, Ot read stories whilst I finished putting some of their clothes away-rotten I know but the heap was a monster and by the time they found their clothes in the morning it would have been all over the floor!  B was somewhat horrid and very rough with Ot plus terrible at following his instructions and fell asleep super quick so I think he is hugely over tired.

I want to go to bed and just try to fall asleep so I can’t feel uncomfortable and stingy/burny but dh is not home yet so I am staying up-plus I am trying to get the loaves finished. *yawn*

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On the Thirteenth Day of December the Kentish Family…


…Went to Tuesday club and had heaps of Christmassy fun.  Shrinkles and Rudolph decorations were made, Christingles too, playing, Lego, games, a scratch nativity, painting, sticking and parachute fun-busy but great.  Followed by visiting nanny,eating heaps, decorating baubles for the tree at Nanny and Granddad’s, lots of chatting, watching some Christmas movies and a lovely afternoon.  Everyone is very tired and trying to et to sleep.  Our Yellow moon stuff arrived today so we’re (to great excitement) leaving maths and writing and all that stuff to do a craft a day (focusing on how we are, getting back some manners and perseverance that have slipped away a little plus listening and following our instructions whilst having some Christmas fun!)

On the Twelfth Day of December the Kentish Family…


…realised that they had not been keeping the blog up to date and ought to get it sorted!  It’s been a bit hectic and I am feeling somewhat under the weather so blogging has stuttered to a bit of a halt.  We’ve had fun at the December Tuesday Club meet ups, Winter with icy polar bears to rescue, ice lollies and a story from babushka, Santa’s workshop with madly spinning electric Santa’s, presents to wrap, cards to make and gingerbread to eat!  We’ve been plodding a long with bits of maths on the computer, reading eggs, reading stories, computer playing, using Scratch to tell the Christmas story.  It has been busy at work too, getting ready for the exhibition, which went really well on Friday.  S and P bought over our Christmas present of a fish tank which is now home to 6 fish, 2 plattys and four zebra danios-more to come fingers crossed.  One of the red plattys (Inferno) has been causing some concern-but he has finally come down to the bottom of the tank and is swimming around and seems loads better-hurrah!

I have realised that there are a few moments missing from the posts-mainly because I asked the boys to record a few days and didn’t go back to fill in the gaps so here are a few…

Way back in November we made some mosaic piccy frames for DH’s birthday and also all made a Christmas coaster-they are now grouted but these are the pics of them pre-grouting.


We put up the tree, the weekend before the 1st of December-somewhat early even for us but it was the weekend of DH’s birthday and we were all ready to stick up the tree!  The boys each chose a new decoration to add to their collection.


M has gone back home and is terribly missed by Tiger- I miss him just not the mess and cleaning!


On the First Day of December the Kentish Family…


…spent the morning doing  embossing and shrinkle making then headed out to the park with our bags of chips.  The chips were great and after a game of tag we went home.  Next we did Maths Whizz, Spelling Time and Scratch.  I was very pleased with how well the shrinkle’s worked and how tiny and cute they were.  My (Tiger’s) crystals have finished growing and look brilliant, they can almost pass for Energon.

When we got home we saw that our baby dinosaurs had been born then we did our formal work:whizz maths, spelling time and reading eggs except for B.  I (Ot) made a matching game on 2diy for B and he realy enjoyed it.  The best bit of my day was that my new psp wire had arived so that i can blast those dinos in to extincshon.