Monthly Archives: October 2008

Going to see Mighty Zulu Nation!!!


I’m sooooo excited, we’re going to go and see Mighty Zulu Nation-looks good fun!




Well blogging has been sporadic but we’ve been doing lots and lots….we’ve been finding out about rocks, fossils, dinosaurs, vehicles, games, painting, cuneiform, Sumerians, ancient Egypt, mummies, shapes, phonics, writing, line guides, poetry, punctuation, beat, rhythm, crescendo, decrescendo, jigsaws, inset puzzles, igenous rocks, metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks, Moh’s hardness, scratch testing, cooking, money, numbers, addition, counting on, one more, two more, three more, colouring, mazes, dot-to-dots, beading, bracelet making, making mud, soft play, hunting for fossils, visiting the safari park, walking along the canal, playing catch, going swimming, starting gym club, playing the ds,playing monster rumble, meeting new friends, going to HE meetings, playing play doh, making a model of the layers of the earth, making salt dough, reading lots, counting, jumping, learning to forward roll, stretching, throwing balls, taking photos, writing, going on spelling time, playing on education city, learning on 2simple, drawing and painting on the computer, playing games together, building train tracks, playing emergencies, lots of pretend play, hide and seek, learning to operate our new dishwasher, laying the table, helping out, learning to roll over, press buttons, give directions, use the hoover, model with modroc, sing, blow the flute, read some words….there’s more but I can’t think of it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!