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Cooking with the boys..


Well, we’re a bit tired and tetchy today but still managed to get a bit done. 

We played with the globetrotter map this morning, Tiger was jumping to different continents then putting animals from different continents in the correct place.  I colour coded with stickers but he didn’t get how to use these properly.  Preferring to look at the colour and pit it in the right place, we’ll try this with different things as it would be good to have some activities that he can do and check and be more independent/self checking.

Had breakfast then cooked jam, made crumble and bread.  Tiger helped, particularly liked testing the set of the jam and sucking it off his finger!  Ot woke up part way through but we managed to get finished.

 We all had a bit of a play outside and I got in and pegged out washing.  It was a lovely windy day.  We headed to the coop to get bread rolls for tea and some salad stuff.  Had nice general chat with TIger about what we could see thought etc on the way.

Built some towers with Ot and read I’m not scared-they both like this one.

Ate dinner together and only called Tiger once-came straight away :0).

Did a counting jigsaw, played the shopping game tried some simple jigsaws with Ot, read the ‘cuddly kitten’ book 5+ times to Ot whilst playing.

Oh did some exercises to tumble tots cd earlier, Tiger really likes following instructions on CD and does really well.

It has been an up and down day, Tiger has been easily frustrated with things today, he needs more sleep but he wasn’t in bed till 9 tonight problem is he needs a nap in the afternoon, we need to get to bed by 8……anyway I’m once again up far too late and can’t sleep very well….I’m tired just not sleepy?

Night Night

PS Tiger has 30 of the first 100 words in his bag (doesn’t include other words he knows like tractor etc)

Oh my gosh it’s been months….


Wow, April was the last post…..its June 21st today and Ot is 1 on Friday.  Once again I’ll try the list format of anything and everything that I can think of.

 1. Ot can walk (1st steps May 10th to his daddy…)

2. Ot has a favourite book…If you see a cuddly kitten….he brings it and ‘asks’ for it to be read

3. Ot loves the sand pit and being outside loads so having had lovely weather we’ve done lots of this.

4. Tiger is fast expanding his reading of words, picking up lots via shops etc like Asda but also has at least 25 of the first 100 words which is fab.  We just put 3 on the piano every day, quickly say what they are, he asks now and again during the day, we arrange them, sometimes spell with magnetic letters or play a quick game and see if we can add any to our bag of words at the end of the day.

5. Bought some sandpaper letters from ebay and we’ve been trying to start using these to get the physical movement of how to form letters.

6. Ot can kick and dribbe a ball

7. Ot can build a tower of 2 blocks

8. Tiger can pick out words he knows from texts

9. We visited Ash End and Tiger fed the goats and really liked the kids (baby goats).

Tiger feeding the goats  Ot at Ash End

10. Loads of walks along the canal, spotting fish, flowers and generally enjoying

11. lots of playdoh playing.

12. counting, we need to practice this a bit more……he can but seems to fluctuate a bit….

13. Tiger now loves Scooby Doo

14. Tiger s in the 3-5 group at tumble tots and really confidently stayed on his own from the first session…..I was on tenterhooks but he had a great time!

15. Ot still loving gym babes

16. made a fab fish fathers day card

17. went strawberry picking and Tiger remembered from last year, loved pigs and picked loads.  Took some to dad with scones and clotted cream and had a cream tea.  Turned the leftovers into strawberry jam today.

18. Made bread and crumble which were yummy.  TIger really liked the bread

19 Tigers mouse skills are getting better, likes starfall a lot at the moment.

20. Ot dances to destination anywhere and turns it on!

So much I know I’ve forgotten loads, will have to blog every few days, oh and learn to upload photos ;0)