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Billy no mates….


Feeling a bit ‘billy no mates’ this morning as this is 3 cancellations in a row, tuesday D&R, Wednseday K&O and Today D&R (but kind of mutual).  Do I smell, are we really that bad? Hmmm well now I’d better come up with something to ‘do’ with the day as Tiger is feeling a bit dissappointed…….

Yesterday by the way was one of those lovely days, sun, wonderful kids, great moments.

We did some EC in the morning, Ot loves the songs and has learned to click the mouse button on the laptop and Tiger did a chunk of maths stuff.  He was really pleased to be getting 100% and knows that it means all correct.  We re-capped on ordinal numbers using races and cards which helped it to click.  He can now add to ten by counting on from a number eg 4+3 starts on 4 and has 3 objects to count on 5,6,7; he can subtract from ten by counting back and given that he can do the majority of the stuff we’ve moved up onto the next level.  We need to do some physical practice, with beads maybe an extend it beyond the game and into different numbers.  Could also do with actually showing him how 11, 12, 13 etc are made up in a montessori style…..

Whilst blogging we have arranged to go to nannas for a trip to some shops and then some seed planting (Tigers top thing to do at the mo).

We also finished of the phonic sounds we were working on and the pink books in the Read Write inc series.  (Tigers request).  I need to make a game/cards of some sort for matching different graphemes which make the same sound to help reinforce this now I think (like ou and ow; ie, i-e; etc) with piccys and words and stuff…that could be a job for tonight.

We made a splendiforous train track with road track too which was enthusiastically enjoyed by all!

We deciede to walk into the library via a postbox to post back the DVD’s.  At the library we cruely kept Ot trapped in his buggy which was very effective (sorry Ot) as we not only actually were able to look at books and talk about them but Ot fell asleep so we could do it in a leisurely fashion ;0).  Found some nice books about snails, slugs, minibeast type stuff which we are both keen to read (unlike last time when it was cars, vehicles and stuff that didn’t relly inspire me) and some stories including some hairy mclarey books that Tiger suddenly likes.  A lovely moment was when Tger wanted a Thomas (the Tank) book, to explain I dislike hate Thomas the tank, so I said that he could have it if he could read the first bit and he would read them to himself (rather than me reading them to him…) and he did!  He read!  Real books!  In the Library! Now OK he’s been reading bits of stuff and books and it has been something he’s been keen to be able to do but lots of the stuff we read I’ve got so that it uses the phonics we’ve covered so far or we read together….this was a book he could pretty much tackle with what he knows so far! (needed me to tell him what ea made)  I’ll have to type in the sentences after.  It was a really lovely moment,not just because he could read it but at his pleasure in being able to read it, and then finding more Thomas books he could read :0)

After the library we went to the park and they both had a play on the stuff, Tiger can be loud-nice but noisy :0) a couple of the moms were exchanging glances either at his size, loudness or maybe the fact that he could and was talking all the time….he had one moment when he was on the slide didn’t see as I had my back turned helping Ot but I heard some order and him going down the slide (can’t remember what now….shows how *awful* it was) to a little girl at the topand I had to quietly remind him about thinking about words feelings kind of stuff but at a 4yr old level…..maybe it was that… be honest I just thought I like my talking racing, madly happy go lucky bundles it was lovely.  Ot was racing up and down the slide having great fun,a really tall one but he’s fab at climbing and whilst when he first started it was heart in mouth and try not to be madly overprotective it’s now well within his capabilites so I jut stand near and remind himto sit down at the top.

We had snacks walking into the shops, Tiger ate a banana, actually chose to!  I think we may possible hopefully be through the I only eat plain pasta, bread, rice, carrots, yoghurts, jellies, strawberries (sometimes) patch which would be great!  We have made a concious effort not to make food a battle in any way, if you like it eat it, if you try it fab, if not OK.  Sometimes this is hard, some family members do a whole you must eat your food, you need to eat it all up etc etc and for a while I fell into that but it was without thought and when I thought I didn’t like it so I stopped and so did dh who felt the same.  He also enjoyed a significant portion of my bagguette (chichen, bacon, mayo, sweetcorn, lettuce and tomatoe) and was relly dissappointed when the tomatoe fell on the floor.  We have been talking about our 5 a day recently and balancing our healthy and ‘un-healthy’ food maybe that has helped?  Whatever it’s good!

After that, having been ‘inspired’ by another blog we went on a bargain hunt in the charity shops (haven’t been for ages) and found some brio track and another bridge for £4 which we bought and added to our track when we got home.

Walked home, with lots of interesting chat, Tiger had to hitch a ride on the buggy for the last bit :0) 

dh had made himself a fab new CD (compilation) for the car which he hadn’t had time to listen to so we oddly decided to bath the boys and head out for a random drive, listening to the music of our youth which was actually (sad though it sounds) really nice plus the boys fell asleep :0)

A really lovely day.  I know I will have missed bits but one of those days that makes you glow.




We did a bit of reading together on the setee, Ot did some EC playing and singing along, he likes to click the mouse and is often heard asking to ‘click it on’ meaning start a song.  We went for a walk along the canal before dinner,saw some ducks,tswans and frogs mating so we will be back to check for frogspawn. 

We’ve agreed to try and make sure we eat our five a day (Tiger can choose a treat fromthe treateridge tin if he does)  Today he tried respberries and blueberries and declared he liked blueberries :0)

We did some writing, practicing letters, at T’s request but it degenerated, mainly because I forced the issue…..he can form lots of letters but today c and a were casuing probs……remember not to force it, just encourage, last thing I want is to put him off :0(

Ot did some colouring as did T.

Played in the garden, planted some lettuce, radishand spring onion seeds in the veg patch.  Both practiced pedling their bikes and bat and ball playing.

Played some chusinare rod games with T, difference, sums and greater/less than with the cards.


Unfortunately our meet up with D and R was cancelled as R had a nasty bug, hopefully we’ll meet up on Thursday.  Tiger was dissappointed but getting to have breakfast in the living room whilst watching TV made up for it :0)

Ot did some playing on EC and lots of car driving.  He tried to build his own track with the wooden stuff which he enjoyed.  We did some playing outside and Ot did lots of car driving, digging and ball playing. 

Tiger did a bit of reading over an apple snack, chose the coloured paper for his dinosaurs book, did lots of garden playing and some more  bat and ball practice.  He did some cutting practice whilst Ot had a morning nap and did some writing which was fun.  He was really pleased that he wrote all of our families names (mom, dad, his and his brothers names) amongst other things. 

We’ve done lots of talking today and some daft playing which was a heap of gigles all round :0D

Watched life on Mars and turned off the news as I couldn’t face it (nor could dh).  Hopefully we’ll see K and O tomorrow…..

Why Why Why?????


Why is it that people make sweeping statements, the very statements no doubt that they would be hugely offended by if an LEA or anyone else made themabout HE?

I’m a bi t p**sed off by a comment made ona group of which the long and short is that it was nice to talk to people who knew what they were talking about, unlike teachers.

Yes I know where theis comment is coming from,yes I know it could be true for their experience BUT how is it that it’s OK to make this kind of comment when if an LEA was to make a similar comment but the other way round ie HE’ers don’t know what they’re talking about it would be hugely offensive/slanderous etc etc…….

Why do poeple have to sl** of whole groups and make sweeping statements, why am I so inscensed??????  I guess it’s another of those moments when having a foot in both camps so to speak but feeling unable to actually ‘say’ anything is why I’m so angry. grrrrr arghhhhh Hmph!

The rest of the week…


Tuesday and Thursday have become somewhat confused in my head, with our lovely day out on Wednesday with K and O sandwiched in-between so here’s a quicklist of what I can remember


did some work on sielnt ‘e’ and long vowel sounds which was a challenge to his thinking and is going to need lots ofpractice and reinforcing

Lots of EC

Bits of reading

Loked at pea plants and talked about germination

Lots of listening to history CD

Ah, now I remember we went to see my cousing C and her two boys M and A and little O on Thursday so that’s why I couldn’t remember much for Thursday :0)…….sieve….memory….I know there’s a saying…….

practiced counting back from various numbers to ten….on EC Tiger is scoring 100% on Stigs B’day where to get the answer you need to count backfrom ten as a subtraction strategy……we did this with beads and introduced a written sum which hewas fine with but changing the initial number made it tricky… can see his brain making connections and figuring stuff…….it needs a few days toprocess then somemore goes/practice…then we’ll see…..

lot of bits of writing on his notepads

lots of recoder playing but still finding it hard to get ‘a’ consistently…also playing like a train whistle which asside from being a horrible noise means that when he is playing ‘properly’ he’s overblowing and not getting the notes well.


read books

feeding teddies

playing with magnetic letters….up to ‘j’

lots of digger playing

some drawing

lots of EC playing and song singing

lots of asking for songs

Moon spotting

We went to the farm twice this week (for the butchers and craft shop) and saw some of the animals and vehicles,  Nanna had a lovley bit of pork which had been reared on the farm and we tired some undermeat which was fantastically tender and tasty…..well if you’re a carnivore like me it was.

Wednesday we met up with K and O at the zoo, looked at the animals that were out in the cold, favourites included the splashing sealions and penguins, the barbary sheep and the mere cats.  We also saw some kangaroos jump and a cockatoo said hello to us.  It was a nice morning and really nice to see O and Tiger as O seems to really like him, copies and follows….. Ot had a fab time walking about and spotting things :0)

Went back to K’s for lunch then headed out to a park after a bit of playing to combat our mutual afternoon dips.  Walked up and down some hills and did some offroading to get there but it was a nice little park and the boys all enjoyed having a run and a play.  It was interesting to see the different things they all liked Tiger really liked being a big boy on the swings (but really isn’t that much of a swinger) and was proud of being able to climb around the climbing frame (rope like a web style) withoug touching the floor; Ot loved the bouncy animals (on big springs) but hated the swings, O loved the swing and had a lovely swing on my lap so he could go realy high (nice that he was happy to let me by this point in the pm as we haven’t seen each other for yonks) and everyone loved the slide!

We walked back to K’s , got straight inthe car and headed home….lovely day.

On Thursday, after craft shop and butchers we went over to see C and the boys.  We took A’s birthday cards as it was his borthday on Friday.  Lots of playing and talking, some stropping, some getting into everything but she didn’t chuck us out so can’t have been too bad :0D.  Tiger rally enjoyed it and wanted to visit again on Friday :0)

Friday I was meant to goto the gym and didn’t which was lazy of me and I ate junk again and ate stuff I didn’t even want so am pretty pi**ed off with myself. We did some train playing, EC, DVD watching, talking, pea looking at, driving to get nanna and not much…one of those days where it did feel a bit wasted at the end :0(


Took E to her football match in Ludlow (won 5-0), which was goodfun to watchand Tiger enjoyed the bits he watched between digging up the edge of the pitch with his digger!

After football, we looked in the Sat Nav and headed to Rays, coutry matters which had various animals and a woodland walk with wood sculptures.  We all thought it was lovely (£20 to get in so a bit pricey for 1/2 a day), somewhere we’d def consider goingback to in slightly nicer weather with a picnic.  Piccys to follow…..  Tiger loved the sculptures and the kids (baby goats) in the field.

On eof the kids escaped by jumping out of his pen, which was one of E’shighlights as she helped catch it.  Also she wanted to sneak the farm dog home :0)

Sunday we got a new exhaust on the car,walked along the canal adn did a load of playing and seed planting in the garden.  Tiger remembered about germination and talked alot about how long it would take for things to grow…..

We now have:



purple and gold french beans

sugar snap peas


7 types of tomatoe







cauliflower (tiger wrote the label)

cabbage-red and savoy

plus 2 rhubarbs, loganberry, blueberryand tayberry, and apple tree and a plum tree all squashed in our smallish garden!

Visiting number 21


Today we went to visit A and her 2 Little A and N.  We managed to follow the navigator succesfully and got there round about on time.  Had a good time, A is very understanding about Tigers loudness and he was a bit emotional.  We all had a fab time, Ot and Little A had an adventure with some glue-bostik- and Ot had a very gluey face….I had a bit of a panic as it was onhis eyes but he seemed OK and we washed off as much as we could.  Got more of later with some baby lotion, cleared round his eyes and today there’s someleft on his cheeks and his eyelashes are stick together a bit-but fine as he has been his normal self.  Unfortunatly we had to head off as W and her 2 boys arrived :0( as we neded to pop in and see K and O which was good to do.  Really must see K and O more as I miss seeing them.  n tha nore we have arranged to meet up and go out tomorrow so this weill have to be speedy as there is lots to do before we set out tomorrow.

Education wise we have def ticked the social/personal bit.  Did some quick phonics and reading and some EC in and around everything else.

Did lots of talkingnand Tiger said that he really liked visiting number 21…..only hope they felt the same way ;0)

Today (Tuesday) we saw nanna, went to the farmshop, looked at different vegetables,picked some potatoes up, wne tot a garden centre, madesoup (Tiger did excelent peeling and chopping of carrots), did somereading, some starfall phonics on silent E, some EC and I’ve altere Tigers level to Y1 for literacy.  Ot told memost of his letter names, he  can find the right one when  asked but was actually telling me the sounds.  Did some book reading, train playing, carplaying type stuff.  Tigers peas seeds in the gell have germinated.

yawn….off to bed….night

Oh, lots of listening t histroy CD’s and asking questions nad have arranged to go to see C on Thursday…busy busy

The Weekend


Saturday seemed to get sucked up in a trip to the butchers and going shopping, there was some train playing, book reading and lots of chatting but essentially shopping for food.

Sunday was lovley, the boys brought me breakfast in bed and a home made card with Tiger’s writing on mom on which was fab (spelt or is that spelled? and wrote all on his own ).  Got dressed, went to visit our respective moms then went t Webbs the garden centre (I got to shop….got some crafty stuff) and then home to have a roast dinner cooked for me whilst I tidied my ‘crafty room’

All in all a lovely day:0)

Where did the days go…..


Well it is Friday and it’s felt really busy but as  am trying to think of what we have done, it seems a bit sparse!  We’ve done lots in the garden although it’s not necessarily visible.  We’ve planted some onions in the veg patch and some pea and sunflower seeds in Tigers mini green house.  We have had lots if interesting discussions about soil, worms, compost and seeds growing whilst doing this and OT has enjoyed getting totally filthy!

We’ve read a bit and talked about stories in general, making some up, finding favourite bits, using different voices to show how characters are feeling. We’ve also talked about different sounds and words we’ve spotted around and about, on seed packets etc.

We have done some magnetic letters and phonics, Ot has learned i.  We have talked about ,long and short vowel sounds, Tiger can ID vowels and consonants.  We have done the alphabet song, played missing letter games and puzzles.  Played Dora scrabble, read bits of books to each other and done some bits of writing.

There has been some playing with playdoh and fuzzy felts. Ots first time with fuzzy felts and he played with intense concentration, Tiger made a funny face then some farm piccys.

There has been lots of car and garage play, fixing, trains, some dinosaurs, dolls, cooking, BBQing and music making.  Tiger is learning to play a on the recorder but t is a challenge as his hands are that bit small at the moment….he is very determined though.

Loads of chatting aboutall  sorts of stuff.  Cuisinaire rods and games, beady maths, EC maths, digging,  driving cars, playing rescues mechanics and some tidying and cleaning.  Lots of listening to the history of the world C’D’s with some interesting questions….we think we might listen again and do some ofthe mapsand activities which we fancy.

It has genuinely felt madly busy but fun and now it’s the weekend!  We had a disaster with the external hardrive (has all the picys and videos on) which dh has fixed and hopefullywe will actually get to A’s on Monday 3rd time lucky!  Plus have tentatively arranged to seeK and O monday pm as they are 10 mins from A :0)