We are me, my hubby, our two three boys Tiger, and Ot and Ben and our cats Jess and Sophie and our 3 4 chickens. Since writing this in 2006 my sister E moved in with us in 2009 and lives with us at the moment and is about to start at uni is in her final year of uni doing really well and is living back at dads. I was a Primary school teacher until I had Tiger when I decided to resign and become a SAHM ( i am now working 2 days a week) My hubby is also a primary school teacher. We have added 2 dogs to our family, Sherlock and Watson (both border collies), my sister is now gainfully employed and living with my dad and my baby brother is in his 3rd year of uni!

Around the time Tiger was due I began to find out more about HE (no, not cooking-home Education) and this is the route that we plan on taking, it seems the best option for our children and us. Some people have said we’re mad,some have asked “Is that legal?” and some think that as teachers we should have to send our children to school. Well, I don’t think I’m mad, it is legal and as parents we have to make decisions about how best to meet our children’s needs and whilst school may have has positives to offer I have always believed that 3,4, 5, even 6 is very young to be in full time education plus 1 teacher to 30 children (and if you’re lucky a couple of nursery nurses or classroom assistants) is a lot less individual attention than at home with mom. I also think that everyone is entitled to choice- just because I choose HE doesn’t mean someone choosing school is wrong or worse or whatever and vice versa-but I passionately believe in parents right to choose and to parent! We can also follow our children’s interests and get out and about without reams of forms and paper work…..anyway we’ve got loads of reasons and I know that when our children are grown I’ll be able to look them in the eyes and say I made what i truly believed was the best decision for you and us as a family. Gosh that turned into a bit of soap boxing…sorry!

What else, I like to knit when I have time, I’m a huge supporter of breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding, tandem breastfeeding, home birth (Ot was born at home in 2005 and it was a brilliant experience Update: Ben tried to be born at home in 2009 unfortunately he was an undiagnosed breech and I was taken to hospital in an ambulance and when the midwives and regi went white and stepped back at the mention of a natural delivery and then mentioned stirups I decided to have a C-section and it turned out fine although I hated not being able to do stuff and having to stay in hospital), I like all things arty and I’m trying to lose a bit of weight and not become more addicted to chocs! I’ve since writing this page in 2006 done a few mosaics with and for my hubbies school. A couple which were commissions, one which was a parent/community mosaic and a huge whole school mosaic-all great fun and something I really enjoy.

Tiger has just had his 3rd 8th birthday 10th birthday 13th and was born in 2003 and Ot is 8 and a bit months 6 8 11 and playing lots of games on lots of different platforms and devices trying to program computer games and trying to walk. and B is 3 5 8 and trying to do everything!  B and Ot are both very much into robot wars and enjoy various gaming endeavours  as well as cooking, building, drawing and more.  Tig loves gaming on Steam.

At the moment I teach 1 day a week in Y6 and do another 1/2 day working with children on individual programs to help them improve areas in their learning. 2 days a week mostly in nursery and half a day every 2 weeks with y6.{ It isn’t in the classroom but outside, delivering forest school sessions which is very child led and evolves to follow their interests and needs. We’re working with nursery to see if there is any impact on language development having a half day session every 2 weeks. Sometimes it is hard and I feel like I need 2 heads I’d love to bring more choice into classrooms and have children genuinely in charge of their own learning and able to play more. The teachers I work with are dedicated and supportive and whilst it is hard to juggle home, school, home ed, what I believe about learning and education I can honestly say that they (and I) try to do our very best for the children whose parents trust us with educating and looking after them.} I am at home full time with sessions booked for me to do some art training and specific projects in  schools I enjoy working with.

Our house is often noisy, generally busy, always full of gadgets and technology, seldom quiet, sometimes grumpy, full of books and music (although headphones are often used), battered around the edges and not for the house proud (it’s clean but it’s a home not a magazine spread if you know what I mean!) and most of all it’s full of conversations, caring and love.


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