Monthly Archives: April 2006

Quick Update


Despite the best of intentions, I have already lapsed! So here’s a quick list update o some of the stuff we’ve been up to in April

1. Ot is walking using his walker and has his first pair of soft shoes as he loves it outside

2. We went away with dh’s side of the family to Nefyn in North Wales and the boys loved it. *I must figure out how to add in another entry for this as it needs it’s own post……

3. Ot is trying to talk, saying Tiger, Cat, Daddy and mommy plus more….

4. Tiger has chicken pox

5. we’ve redecorated the 2nd bedroom, now Ot and Tigers room, with a Thomas the Tank theme-Tigers choice!

6. Ot has had a go at painting and drawing

7. Tiger and I have planted seeds-mainly veg-and are awaiting harvests of plenty!

8.  We have fish in the pond

9. We’ve considered a move to the seaside but Rich couldn’t commute that far, can’t change jobs and we’d miss him if we only saw him weekends so that’s on a back-burner.

10. Disaster has struck repeatedly, cam belt in my car, washing machine broken to mention just 2.

Can’t think of much morenow but it’s late.  Will try to update more regularly again and learn to upload photos!