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Making Time to Blog….


It seems that making time to blog is inversely proportional to the amount of nice weather we get, hence I have done zilch in the way of blogging for 3  or so weeks!

This week is going to get the dreaded list option and will probably be deathly boring to anyone but me!

Mon-Friday we have played on EC every day, on Monday and Tuesday Ot did some playing with magnetic letters and now knows and can say the sounds for letter sounds a-n so we’re 1/2 way throgh the alphabet.  Tiger did some work on place value and is beginning to grasp tens and units. I think some Deans blocks would be very useful.  We also did some reading and recapping on phonic sounds and long and short vowels on Mon-Wed.  We have read every day and everyday Tiger has done some spelling and writing on a site we found on another blog  which is fab.  We have been doing lots of playing outside, pedaling,ball playing, checking on seedlings, plants, lots of talking about plants and how you get seeds, what the different parts are called their jobs etc and lots of tip top eating!

Monday and Tuesday

Went to the gym.  Played in the garden. 


Garden playing, flower picking and looking at the bits inside by pulling them apart.I went to the gym in the am for 50 mins again and mom stayed in the car with the boys who were both asleep.


Nanna looked after Ot and Tiger for the pm whilst I popped over to visit K and O.  Was nice to chat, K had to go to the docs briefly so O and I had a walk round the town.  Surprisingly O didn’t have any tears today, despite not having seen me for a while and K having to race to the loo as soon as she arrived at ours (quick say hello and 10 minutes play for the boys) so that was good. 

The boys did garden playing, a walk to the coop and train track building with nanna


Went to Grasmere and got some seeds and netting for the veg patch as well as some broad and runner bean plants and a courgette.  Tiger liked pushing the trolley around.  When we got back we had dinner, the builders came and went through the estimate…lots of bits were missed off so we’re now waiting for a new estimate.  When they’d gone we spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening in the garden with nanna doing playing an planting.  Veg patch is looking much more like a veg patch now the bean canes (willow wands) are up :0)


Went swimming first thing then shopping at Sainsburys in the morning and playing in the garden and trip to Banners gate in the afternoon.  Tiger peddled his go kart up to the duck pond and back and everyone had fun playing on the slides.  Ice-creams all round and a walk in the forest then back home for tea and telly.  Earthed up the potatoes today and Rich helped me to net over a large portion of the veg patch to deter the cats from ‘fouling’!


Went to Bromford Farm in the morning, lots of animal feeding, playing in sand pits and on tractors which was enjoyed by the boys.  Went to Clarkes on the way home and got shoes and sandals for the boys.  pm played in the garden (I had a nap) nanny and grandad came round at about 4:30 ish.  Had a late tea, bath, tidied toys and sorted into drawers.  Did a bit of talking about bits of flowers, names of bay animals, tractor peddling, ball throwing and catching, reading and talking about blood.  Some role playing as doctors and super heros, car peddling and general fun and games.

 I know I have foregotten stuff but this is the general gist!


Easter Hols


Well, it’s the last day of the Easter Hols, dh is back at work tomorrow and I haven’t blogged at all so lots to catch up on!  As it is a lovely day however that will have to wait until it’s either too hot or too darktogo outside!

Billy no mates finds a friend…


Well, Thursday was a bit of an on, off and on again kind of day!  In the end we did go to D&R’s and also met L and K whilst we were there.  We had a lovely morning, the 3 boys seemed to enjoy playing together and alongside each other although I felt a bit for R as he had a crash course in sharing with a toddler….I had to teach him how to ‘swap’ with Ot if Ot had a toy he really didn’t want him to have.  D said that usually R didn’t talk when he meets people for the first time and could be shy but he was talking to us so that was good.  Tiger had a good time and is talking about R and D.  What was also nice was that D and I both like to do crafty stuff and make cards.

After  prising Ot and Tiger away we headed to moms, went to boots to get draploline, instore and grabbed a bug detective kit, sand and mini-creme eggs and then KFC for a very late lunch.

Amongst other things I think we did a bit of reading, some EC and some train and car playing.

Friday we had a very lazy morning, we did some reading and sounding out reinforcing phonics, some EC,lots of talking and playing then went to pick up mom.  Came back,  had dinner and did some Fimo playing in the pm.  I’ve been trying to get Tigers book of dinosaurs done, printed out most of the photos and hunted down the art work but I can’t find the poem we wrote anywhere :0(

Saturday we took E to football in Prees, near Wem  the boys (well Ot) were not all that upfor watching so we went for a walk and found a lovely little park where the boys had a lovely play on a huge slide.  They were playing chase and giggling madly which was very funny to watch. 

E’s teamlost :0(, but E got ‘man/girl of the match’ :0) and the trophy for the week.  After football we headed for a place called park hall but whenwe got there it didn’t look fab for the money (especially as we’d only have half a day) so we decided to head homeward. I got excited at one point as we were in Wales :0))). 

On the way home we ‘found’ the ‘big Island’ and stopped for dinner and a look in the garden cente (Dobbys). Had yet another takeaway which was not good :0( but found somelovely things in the garden centre.  Tiger bought an RSPB book to me, read the first bit and asked if he could have it to read…..obviously yes!  He’s getting into all things nature again now we’re out in the garden more.  Ot had a watering can and a fireman Sam ball-all of his balls seem to have deflated.  Tiger had a baseball bat and ball as he was really enjoying playing bat and ball the other day and also a skipping rope-he wants me to teach him…..not sure that’s a good idea as I didn’t really master skipping first time round!

Mom treated us to  cucumber, pepper and yellow tomato plants and some lovely cheese…yum!  Then we headed homeward, dropped mom off and went home.  Rich had done the shopping and was roasting a chicken which we had the legs of with pie, cheese and salad.

Sunday we spent lots of time in the garden, Tiger and Daddy did some very early morning train playing then put the new sand in the sand pit and did lots of playing in the garden. 

1 4 07 Sunday006

1 4 07 Sunday029

Spotted our first seedlings in the mini greenhouse….peas and sunflowers

1 4 07 Sunday010

and a couple of tiny seedlings in the veg patch

1 4 07 Sunday017

which are salad leaves starting to grow I think but Ot has run of somewhere with the labels!

1 4 07 Sunday008

Did some more seed planting, marrows, courgettes, celery, cabbage, summer squashes, and one last type of tomatoe in the greenhouse and we need to get the onions, asparagus and edible flowers planted this week too.  Tiger wrote quite a few of the seed labels which he really enjoys doing.

1 4 07 Sunday011

Rich cooked a lovely roast dinner and Tiger ate chicken and peas.  WE then went for a walk along the canal and back via the pond we had seen frogs mating in last week and found frogspawn and toadspawn we took a little bit in a jar to observe and put in our pond at home. 

1 4 07 Sunday030

Tiger was really enthusiastic about finding,collecting and getting it home, as soon as we got in we found some books and he was reading about tadpoles and frogspawn…..

Usborne beginners seem to be just the right level for him at the moment…he can tackle most words but also it’s easy enough to decode the actual words that there’s ‘space’ left for his brain to understand the text to if you see what I mean ;0)

1 4 07 Sunday025

Also was some bike riding,slide playing, house playing, pretend cooking, cafe playing, tractor riding, swinging, bat and ball playing, DVD watching and lots of talking!