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October Half Term


Prepping for the meet up on Tuesday was pretty time consuming on Saturday and Sunday-I think it was preparing all the shadow puppets and the fact the my cutting machine was being a total nightmare.  Sunday we visited the pound shops and got some sequins and other stuff.  Anyway it all got done but not with very much involvement form the boys. 

We went to Plantasia on Monday and had a lovely day there, we did all the mazes and the boys were pleased to have found all of the stamps.  We did some of the animal and wildlife maze but not all of them.  dh was bitten on the leg by some kind of fly and now (Wednesday) he has a huge blister and spreading infection.

The meet up on Tuesday was full but fun.  Lots of fun making the clay divas and puppets, colourful hands went down well to scratch mehndi patterns onto as did the dressing up and food tasting.  Everyone enjoyed exploring the electricity kits and seemed to enjoy putting on a puppet show at the end too.  Ot was much better with some help from dh with the parachute and B was OK although a bit of a pain going underneath.  B made another Hanuman and Ot made a Rama puppet, Tig, Ot and B all made clay divas and Ot and B had fun dressing up.  Tig did a mehndi hand and Ot made a flower garland form me (he was persuading me to give him some of my canes fro arrows!  Ot and B joined in with the puppet show but Tig didn’t-he met a boy called D who was a bit older so I think he was being ‘grown up’.

Next week it’s skulls and skeletons and the day of the dead (the meet up is on the 1st of November and the day after Halloween so seemed a good theme).  We had KFC after the meet up and then vegged out a bit at home, shot some arrows in the garden and cleared up the mud from Milo whom E had forgotten to shut in the kitchen. Later we went to post a parcel, left the rent money for the room hire and popped into Aldridge. 

We popped into Tamworth today, got new shoes for the boys (trainers for Tiger), spent their pocket money on play guns and transformers and grabbed some pumpkins from Asda.  When we got back we grabbed out the dressing up boxes and watched some TV whilst playing.  dh helped me to level all of the big writing books from school so they are all done, just the sheets and comments to stick in.  I’ve roughed out the art/mantle session for the week back and just need to have a think about timings a bit before I decide the best way to work it-would be nice to have a whole day but as we’d need to get the modrocing done I’m thinking about whether we’d be ready…I was really pleased over breakfast to see how quickly Tig seemed to recall his 2’s, 3’s and 5’s playing a flash card game.  But we need to get cracking with Ot and the other tables for Tig.  Both got 100% for their spellings again and B did the next lesson in reading eggs which he really likes.

Tomorrow, if dh’s leg is up to it, we have to pop into work as dh has left some papers he needs and grab some chutney making stuff and it’s cake making and Christmas chutney making (dh will have to supervise with his leg up though ;0)!).  I am planning to get the stuff for the next meet up sorted too so that I am a week ahead of myself as that should make it easier time wise fingers crossed.  I think we’ll do some oil pastel skulls inspired by Mexican sugar skulls and an articulated skeleton puppet (very much like last week) so we can have another play with the shadow screen.  I think I will make a puppet in parts so that we can try to ID the different bones after the bone hunt from their shadows too.  Ot will like the human body bit I think. 

Linking in at home I think we will maybe look at the skeleton,it’s proper part names and then maybe the eye and how we see plus some things to do with light and colours.  I want to get back to doing the mark making every day and get into a routine but also we need to get out and about more that we have been too.  I think I may come up with a list of places to visit or things to do…..

Photos to follow!


Feeling Yacky


That has bee the week really, just as we thought everyone was well one of the boys would be sick, luckily my effects seem to have been feeling really achy and washed out, a bit of an afternoon on the sofa snuggled in a quilt with tablets and an early night and I was as right as could be expected after the general lack of sleep!

Somewhere amongst the feeling rotten we managed to try out and make the Diwali shadow puppets, set up the screen (very makeshift with pegs and string) and re-tall the story to each other.  The boys told the story for Ben and I whilst we used the puppets too.

Odd bits of computer stuff, bits of reading, wii playing, Lego building but not all that much of anything to be honest-eberyon was just too tired, washed out and ill.  However, we made it to half term and by Saturday we were starting to feel a bit more human!

The Week So Far…


So , more sickness, upset stomachs, grumpiness and general lack of sleep and feeling off colour from everyone!  That aside the meet up on Tuesday went well, although B was sick when we got back and during the night.  Was a good job we didn’t try to get to the zoo because as well as upset stomachs dh was ill on Monday too.

We did some weighing and sorting of the stuff for the meet up, created a dino nest with our dino eggs in (recipe for the eggs here)and did some bits of book maths, spelling etc.

The meet up was good fun, parachute games encompassed cooperation, listening, carnivores and herbivores and the icy eggs to investigate got people to start using some descriptive words and sparked lots of interest.  Biscuit decorating was super popular but plaster of Paris dino footprints were less so.  Volcanos were once again enjoyed by all.  Talked more about the reaction and showed how a balloon could be blown up using the gas (using bicarb in the balloon, over a bottle of vinegar.  Once again managed to take zero pics!

Started having a look at the Diwali story and light, Ot has retold his story using 2tell a super story and Tig did his on comic life.

This is Tig’s:


We used pics from this site

A September/Early October Photo Round Up


So I have got a bit behind with blogging and to be honest I can’t really remember the order of things.  So here are some September and October Photos!

We looked at place names (working for a land developer who needed info).  Looked at the Doomsday book, created our own places and place names and mapped.  Used Google maps to look at certain post codes and worked out a possible meaning for some names within the area.  Created keys, wrote some letters and short reports.


We did some work on sound and the boys knowledge was good.  They created some explanations of volume pitch etc. and wrote reports on sound.  They made some mini instruments, played with guitars and making straw flutes too-the company was asked to create a sound workshop- we were losing the impetus a bit here though.  Towards the end of September we decided that we did not want to work as a company and each chose their own project.  Ot’s was guns and Tig’s was birds.  The drawings were started and worked on over a couple of weeks using marks to create texture, detail and patterns. 


B has also been very keen to join in with ‘work’.  He has been working hard on learning letter sounds, doing some fab colouring, gluing and loves drawing on the white board.  He independently drew and m and tries to draw other letters.


We have been dog-sitting for my cousin as she needs to go  into hospital every 4 weeks with her littlest so we have a visitor on those weeks-M, who is a fab footballer!



Tig has continued with Lego model making and I’ve been trying, with little success, to persuade him to photograph them.


There has been the usual whizz, ed city, spelling time etc.  B has started playing Reading Eggs (free trial) which he really likes plus 2simple and all of the usual computer stuff.  The boys have taken to listening to music when they’re working and have a play list on my computer!

During September we had another go at using movie maker and did lots of handwritten stuff.  This really frustrated and slowed Ot down.  In October we’ve gone back to using Word for some of the stuff. 


We all had haircuts-Tig’s never looks like this as he doesn’t really want to waste potential Lego building time to do it!!!


In October we have been looking at some story writing and descriptive writing.  We also tried out the activities for the Tuesday Club at Walsall Wood that we have started up with another HE family.  The first meet up was great fun about 10-12 kids and 6 families so not too bad considering Tuesdays do clash with other things.

(in preparation)We made playdoh, talked about reversible and irreversible changes-interesting discussions of the pre cooking stage and how we’d reverse it.  Tested out the volcano making and erupting (any excuse for this experiment!) and talked about changes some more!


B was fascinated by the Cricut machine cutting dinos and tried out the wax resist to make patterns and then water colour on top.  He loves painting and enjoyed playing with his dinos too.


The boys enjoyed making biscuits at the meeting and gobbling them!  Tig enjoyed the parachute games and they all had a great morning.  Unfortunately we didn’t;t make it to swimming due to a slight key disaster (my bag got locked in with he door code).  We are having the same theme of dinos next week.  But biscuit decorating (with SW) and trace fossil cast making. 

We enjoyed playing the magic cauldron maths game, B gave out the numbers (recognition practice) and B and I played with the Duplo numbers.  Tig and Ot had a go at some sum creation with the cusinare rods-directed towards practicing times tables they are working on.  We grabbed out the logi-blocks electronics kits-spy one def. the favourite- and played with those too.

Yesterday we had a go at making the casts of dino feet and made some dino eggs, making a mix that would harden and wrapping dinos inside-B really enjoyed that and Ot read the recipe to us and everyone had a go at wrapping a dino.  We’ve also made some dinos trapped in icy meteors and are in the process of make some dinos in glaciers to try and free.

On Wednesday Ot was sick, soon to be joined by all the boys, they seemed better on Friday but Ot and B were sick again yesterday-possibly their tummy’s need very plain food. So I am unsure if we will get to the zoo trip-will have to see how today goes.  We didn’t go swimming (good job too). 

At some point we tidied the garden and planted some bulbs.  M has destroyed it running on it though-well the pansies at least :0(

That, I think, is a round up of the main events!