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Dh’s Birthday


A quick photo round up-a lovely day despite both being in work and it feeling a little hectic.  Pizza for tea-thanks E!  Amongst daddy’s gifts Steve Jobs biography, a remote control Merc. , beer and chocs.



DH’s Birthday song, candles and cake

Super Science Fun!



Today,  we got out mom’s old paper marbling set to have an art and cooking day. First we put some newspaper  on the table so it didn’t get dirty. Secondly we read the instructions and got some paper to do the marbling on.  The way you do it, is taking a plastic tray or bowl, filling it with 2cm of cold water and then putting a few drops of marbling ink on top.  The ink is oily and spreads out and gets bigger on top of the water because oil is less dense than water and oil and water are immiscible (do not mix).  It is tricky to put on the right amount of oil and to know when to stop squirting with your pipette.  Also, it is hard to break up the dots of oil.  At the end we found that mixing quite a lot with a knife was good and I felt really proud of the last ones I made with the purple ink.  It was really fun and I would love to do it again sometime, possibly when I am grown up and have my own kids-ha ha! (By Tig)

After mom had tidied came snack time:

Ot decided to read to B over snack, no prompting, entirely his own idea!


Some reading and some Milo playing at snack


Next we made amazing concoctions:


There was mixing, separating, layers, colours, oil, density, solid, liquids, gases, reactions, sharing, cooperation, observation, pouring, counting, acids, carbonates, reactions, immiscible, relationships, air, bubbles, pockets of air-lots and lots of thinking, figuring out, expanding ideas and adapting thinking-all with messy fun!




Adding Bicarb…




Finally we made some sweets. Mom made a dough made of icing sugar and egg white.  We split the dough in to 4 bowls and put a different flavouring in each bowl. We used   lemon, strawberry, peppermint and orange.  After we stirred the flavouring we tasted the sugar to ,make sure the flavour was right. Next we mixed the colouring in and rolled the dough into sausages.  B and Tig chopped up the sausages  and rolled the souses in to balls.  They squashed the balls and put them on plates in the fridge to go cold.  When they were cold we melted some choc and dipped half of them in the choc.  finally we put the sweets back in the fridge.  i tasted one but………………………………….mom wont let me eat ‘em all doh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Then I made brownies and carrot cake and tacos for tea, we swept, mopped, tidied and had baths-we waited fro Dad to sit and eat so tea was later at about 7 ish.  Tacos were a hit and everyone enjoyed them!

A great, busy, messy, fun day!

Relaxed but productive


err well I hope so anyway!  we’ve been relaxed but getting some computer stuff done like Whizz maths, free trials of Reading eggs all round, spelling on big IQ kids.  Lots of bits of reading but Ot needs to read more with and too me beyond bedtime and odd bits. 

Ot and I played a sentence game with dice, creating sentences using the different types so far, his total screen obsession is still on-going.  Tig wrote the end of his Zombie story (dictated) and B has been enjoying lots and lots of stories and spotting letters everywhere.

Ot and B can often be found making mischief together, enjoying a game or two, sword fighting, playing transformers and having messy fun.

There has been lots of bits of playdoh, some stitching with Tig, way back, which it would be good to get back too. 

The autumn themed meet up was fine, Tig is a little too OTT and not always thinking considerately so we’ll work on that but more perturbingly, Ot is hitting more and B is copying.  Big emotions (from anyone) result in him feeling the need to physically ‘act out’ e.g. Tig gets upset because I have told him off, Ot on his computer, picks up on the negative feeling (shouting/tone?) and grabs a sword and tells me that ‘That’s it I’m going  to…..’ etc. They both enjoyed making cakes but B was tearful and seemed unhappy again :0(

There are YouTube issues- Tig is watching and commenting on things with inappropriate language-not good!

We went swimming and then to a Christmas craft fair at Himley-would have been great if we could have stopped to have a look, between Ot and the number of people it was just a little frustrating!  Lists of toys have gone digital this year.  Some family members ask for suggestions so after b’days the boys have continued to add to their amazon lists.  I go them to have a look and take out and added some things that they had mentioned or pointed out whilst out and about.  It was a bit of a grumpy weekend.

On Monday we had the car and we headed out to Toys R Us after some work on the computer to spend pocket money, Tig and Ot got transformers and B go t a Transformer sword- thanks to the 3 for 2 offer they also treated themselves to Mc D’s.  After that we grabbed some spray cream and Tacos from Asda, some pom poms from Hobby craft and some marmite from the coop.  Back to do some playing and to laminate the playdoh mats for the Tuesday club as well as make the Pudsey spot game. 

Tig was super helpful and enjoyed testing out the game putting the pom poms on the velcro and checking them, B joined in too!

The meet up was quiet this week, some peeps were prob. at old fallings it was a lovely atmosphere still and computers were great.  Hoping to try and persuade someone to lend us some old laptops each week to use with scratch and maybe 2simple to try out.  Ot made a lovely Christmas bag and Tig played (noisily) with Dan-they had fun but I think some direction fro Tig’s energy is required! After the meet up we emptied the car and loosed Milo out then changed library books and had a play on the park. 

Today we have had lots of messy science fun, the boys will blog a little more about it soon!



Straight after Halloween was the Tuesday meet up with The day of the dead and skeletons as a theme.  It seemed to go well, although no one really wanted to do the oil pastel skeletons with me :0(  However parachute games, ooblec and all the other things were great.


After the meet up we went to the park, met a lady who was considering home ed and passed on some group details.  milo enjoyed the park.  Then we went to Sandwell Valley.  It was lovely making up Smotty stories in the big round swing, having cuddles.


The next morning  we had some fun making lego skeletons and Elliot re-created mine, then Nerfed him!



Next we created a balloon game for the Nerf on strings, definitely possibilities for multiplications games there!


We did maths, math whiz, some reading, a bit of drawing.  Tiger finished off his zombie story and both wrote a bit about shadows.  They explored how to make the best shadows and what happened to shadow length and size too.

We had a lovely day on Saturday with a last minute decision to have fireworks at home.  Lovely, especially the story telling around the fire pit.


We went for an autumn walk to collect some leaves, twigs and acorns for the meet up on Tuesday and to walk Milo.


This was a super cute pic of Milo and Ben playing together.  On Monday (7th) we did some book maths, whiz maths, spelling, knex building, bird seed cake making and TV watching.


Tiger had been playing Quack Quack with Ben earlier…  I also found a 2.95 set of moon sand in the charity shop which went down a storm!