Monthly Archives: January 2015

Getting into the swing of things….


Yes we are, the morning has gone well.  Looking at what makes a good game led onto using purple mash 2diy and 2diy 3d with gamesbeing made and now in various states of completion.  Handwriting was challenging for Ot and TIg-mainly because they talked more than they wrote :0).  B compelted another Reading Eggs lesson and now has just 7 to do before he has totally completed the final map on Reading eggs.  
An epic dog walk including climbing 20ft up a tree (B), falling knee deep in stinky water (me) Scooting like loonies through mud (Aunty E & B) and crazy mad racing around (Sherlock).  Lots of fun!


January Begins….


Ahhhhhhh, the holiday’s are over and it’s back to work for Poppa and for us.  A little bit of structure in the morning and whatever takes our fancy in the afternoon is our plan and today has gone well.  Everyone enjoyed finding out about game genres and playing and identifying them as well as making a quick leaflet.  Bit of handwriting and reading comprehension (more challenging for Tig and Ot) quick bit of maths and a activity and now everyone is pursuing their own interests.  Some walking with dinos watching and Pokemon playing currently.