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The End of the Romans!!!


…well ish anyway :0)  We still have some games to play and some crafty stuff to finish off but we’ve kind of skipped through the main events and spent the afternoon filling in some gaps and completing some mini lapbooks together (sounds incredibly dull doesn’t;t it)  It wasn’t.  We were all tired so I read in my best bloodthirsty manner extracts and we chatted then the boys created some different sentences answering questions (oral sentence construction using different starting words) and I typed.  as the main focus is on then sentence construction rather than the retaining of historical fact then it was good lots of good constructions, using connectives, increasingly complex sentences and encouraging to use so, because and explain why things had happened which they were able to do.  They could see the how’s and whys of what had happened-regardless of whether they remember about tribes of Britons, different currencies and bartering they were very much able to figure out from the info I gave.  We talked about how bartering might work now and digressed into talking about bartering for Lego pieces!

B has a had a difficult afternoon- I am not sure what to do with the huge amounts of aggression but I am starting to see a pattern well 2, needing more time playing with me (he has had very little today) and imitating sometimes the behaviour of his brothers or others….bears some thinking about

T club was good although the rough housing got a bit too rough in places and some older kid/kids were  for want of a better word goading Ot (who is only 6) and he has no idea how to respond but is himself struggling with big emotions… a difficult morning for the guys although they say they had a good time overall.  There is an element of well enough of that!  We got to Wickes, and I bought white sealant instead of clear diuh!  SO have to go back and change it!!!!!


An Orgy of Roman-ness!


…has been had this week.  We started of with a trip to Lunt Fort, in Coventry which was fantastic!  We had a guided tour around the fort by Dominicus, a Roman soldier.

  Lunt Roman Fort 2012-04-23 001

We found out about Celts and how they prepared fro battle (plus a brief idea about why they were fighting the Romans).  Tig and Ot enjoyed role playing as Celts creeping and finding out how the Romans used nettles, caltrops and drainage channels in the ditches (ankle breakers) to help defend the fort against invaders.  Lunt Roman Fort 2012-04-23 002Lunt Roman Fort 2012-04-23 003

They found the idea of drunk, naked, blue Celts pretty funny and both decided they’d much rather eat with the Celts than the Romans. 

Lunt Roman Fort 2012-04-23 006

Inside the fort we  found out about the battlements, the ballista (it could shoot a bolt through 7 people, 3 times a minute-Tig answered the maths for that one I was pleased that he used maths and he was pleased that he could answer.)  We food out that Romans would have sung songs to keep their spirits up and had a go at old mac Donald in Latin.

Lunt Roman Fort 2012-04-23 007

We had a look at the gyrus, found out about it’s possible uses for animals, cavalry and horse training and had a go at being horses and Romans-good fun but tiring.  To get to the gyrus Dominicus had us crawling along the floor, following his signal which was enjoyed greatly by my guys Winking smile

Lunt Roman Fort 2012-04-23 011

We looked at the remains of the barracks and found out that 8 men shared a room, 3 bunk beds and 2 people on duty working on the walls ta any one time.  We found out about using mouse brains as toothpaste, urine as mouthwash and got to see a real sponge on a stick (although the stick was a bit short!).  we also found out about where the silver was kept and Tig played the part of a guard, although he did let the Celt in a few times before he got the idea-way to trusting!

The tour really bought the fort to life and the guide was fab.  we would recommend going there to anyone who can!  After a short break we went inside for a talk about armour.

 Lunt Roman Fort 2012-04-23 013Lunt Roman Fort 2012-04-23 016

D got dressed up as a Roman and we found out the names of some of the armour, we had looked at this the night before using this video which helped to grasp the new vocab.  We saw a Lorica, cingulum, gladius, pilum (I think!)  Then another couple of friends F and G got dressed up as Celts although F wasn’t too keen on the blue paint or the nose necklace!  We saw how the ballista worked-these bits were interesting but it was a little hard for the children to see-especially as some of the kids needed parents to sit with them so it was a bit squished.  After lunch and some playing we made face pots then it was a quick look in the shop and homeward bound. 

Lunt Face POts 2012-04-23 001Lunt Face POts 2012-04-23 002Lunt Face POts 2012-04-23 003Lunt Face POts 2012-04-23 004

A great if tiring day.

Tuesday club was Roman themed this week, we started off with S reading the story of Romulus and Remus-perhaps a bit challenging for some of the younger kids but B enjoyed it.  We made bullas, roman style mosaic coasters, dug up ancient artefacts and found out what they were used for, made money purses and coins, printed mosaic pictures, made clocks with Roman numerals, played with forts, had a feast and played with balloon swords in the garden. A lovely meet up.  My Dad came with us to help B out-B still didn’t join in with the activities but at least  there was someone with him whilst he was playing-swords and my guys do not mix at meet ups!

Tuesday Club Romans 2012-04-24 001Tuesday Club Romans 2012-04-24 002Tuesday Club Romans 2012-04-24 003

ON Wednesday, it rained a lot!  We stayed in with the guinea pigs, did some of our normal everyday stuff and also some mini books and made some mosaic and started our modroc shields.

Making modroc shields 2012-04-25 001Making modroc shields 2012-04-25 002Making modroc shields 2012-04-25 003Making modroc shields 2012-04-25 004Making modroc shields 2012-04-25 005

Today we’ve found out about the Punic wars, built Roman town models (from Lego or on Roblox) after we found out what would be in them and found out a little bit about the Roman Republic.

Designing a Roman Town 2012-04-26 001Designing a Roman Town 2012-04-26 002Designing a Roman Town 2012-04-26 003Designing a Roman Town 2012-04-26 004Designing a Roman Town 2012-04-26 005Designing a Roman Town 2012-04-26 006

Mosaic afternoon-B and I did the dragon fly; Tig worked on the guinea pigs a little more and Ot drew a titanic (I have cut the pieces ready as the tiles are big ceramic tiles and they make very spiky shards and are tough to cut!)

Mosaic Afternoon 2012-04-25 001Mosaic Afternoon 2012-04-25 002Mosaic Afternoon 2012-04-25 003Mosaic Afternoon 2012-04-25 004

I made or at least started a list of links on Weblist for the boys to explore tomorrow.

Roman numeral biscuits

Roman Numerals 2012-04-25 001Roman Numerals 2012-04-25 003Roman Numerals 2012-04-25 004Roman Numerals 2012-04-25 009Roman Numerals 2012-04-25 005

Roman Numerals 2012-04-25 008Roman Numerals 2012-04-25 002Roman Numerals 2012-04-25 010Roman Numerals 2012-04-25 007

Alongside all that there has been Lego building, Batman playing, Xboxing, wii playing, draughts, building with various things and reading.  B did some great number biscuits learning about 1 more and writing the digits as well as some reading eggs and writing notes, plans and signs.

 Ben Writing 2012-04-23 002

We played a game with Batman…. Mr Freeze tried to eat his biscuits but if Batman followed the clue and got to the correct biscuit he could stop him-clues were Mr Freeze is going to one more than….. great fun.  There was a bit of playing in the sandpit and also reading some Enid Blyton together :0)

B’s map of the bat cave, and Bat written on.

Bens Map and ladybird 2012-04-23 001Bens Map and ladybird 2012-04-23 002Bens Map and ladybird 2012-04-23 003]

B looking at a ladybird using a magnifier

Bens Map and ladybird 2012-04-23 004


This weekend, B had his first official swimming lesson (at the same club as TIg and Ot) and did brilliantly.  Listened really well, followed his instructions, kept his eyes on Terry and had lots of fun!  He got his 1st puffin award :0D

We got the Roman artefacts out before they go back to school on Monday and had a look at them, talking about how they were used, what for, having a go with the strigil and thinking about what they might say if they could talk.  We then used morpho booth to make them talk and record them.  These are our videos…

If a calligae could talk…
If a Roman chatellaine set could talk…
If knuckle bones could talk…
If a Roman magistrates rod could talk…
If a Roman oil lamp could talk…
If a Roman arrow head could talk…
If a Roman thimble could talk…
If a Roman toy could talk…

They were enjoyed by all (less so when we realised you needed to save after each one or the soundtrack recorded over itself and had to re-do them but still really good fun!)

Where did February Go?


Ok, so I admit it, I have not been on top of blogging, not at all….I could blame it on not being able to use live writer anymore but life has been a bit busy!

There has been fun, learning, yelling, stropping, running, swimming, making, computing, gadget playing, cooking and heaps more.  I am bound to miss things out but here is a quick round up…

Egyptian day…took over my life and our holiday but everyone seemed to have a great time.  Archeological digs, games, making mummies, scarab beetles, videos, reattach, hieroglyphics, painting, stories and lots of fun!


Visiting the fire station-fantastic!  Walsall firestation were brilliant as was ‘fireman Sam’




We painted Tudor houses


I love Ot’s



There has been lots of gadget playing!


Tiger’s birthday…



The cake……yummy!


So Tig is now 9!!!

We’ve had lots of fun at Tuesday club and we all went to gokidz go at the end of the month to have a birthday celebration for those who had birthdays in the month.

We went to see a musical number jacks which was enjoyed by all and Tig and Ot have started blogs.  There has been a big heap of lego making, including a great thank you animation and Ot is getting into building (a little) in ROblox so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel!

B wants to read and we’re working on it but lots of games and emergent writing going on….I know I have forgotten heaps and so will try to be more diligent with blogging from now on!

Oh we tidied the garden and put up a new trampoline and we’re waiting for a new chicken house!

Where did the days go…..


Well it is Friday and it’s felt really busy but as  am trying to think of what we have done, it seems a bit sparse!  We’ve done lots in the garden although it’s not necessarily visible.  We’ve planted some onions in the veg patch and some pea and sunflower seeds in Tigers mini green house.  We have had lots if interesting discussions about soil, worms, compost and seeds growing whilst doing this and OT has enjoyed getting totally filthy!

We’ve read a bit and talked about stories in general, making some up, finding favourite bits, using different voices to show how characters are feeling. We’ve also talked about different sounds and words we’ve spotted around and about, on seed packets etc.

We have done some magnetic letters and phonics, Ot has learned i.  We have talked about ,long and short vowel sounds, Tiger can ID vowels and consonants.  We have done the alphabet song, played missing letter games and puzzles.  Played Dora scrabble, read bits of books to each other and done some bits of writing.

There has been some playing with playdoh and fuzzy felts. Ots first time with fuzzy felts and he played with intense concentration, Tiger made a funny face then some farm piccys.

There has been lots of car and garage play, fixing, trains, some dinosaurs, dolls, cooking, BBQing and music making.  Tiger is learning to play a on the recorder but t is a challenge as his hands are that bit small at the moment….he is very determined though.

Loads of chatting aboutall  sorts of stuff.  Cuisinaire rods and games, beady maths, EC maths, digging,  driving cars, playing rescues mechanics and some tidying and cleaning.  Lots of listening to the history of the world C’D’s with some interesting questions….we think we might listen again and do some ofthe mapsand activities which we fancy.

It has genuinely felt madly busy but fun and now it’s the weekend!  We had a disaster with the external hardrive (has all the picys and videos on) which dh has fixed and hopefullywe will actually get to A’s on Monday 3rd time lucky!  Plus have tentatively arranged to seeK and O monday pm as they are 10 mins from A :0)

Bits and bobs


Tuesday was a trip to a HE meeting at B in Worcester.  Before we went we did a bit of reading some phonic practice and some letters with Ot. We picked mom up en-route and I’d done a picnic for in the car.  We got there loads quicker than last time, only took 30-40 mins which was fab rather than and hour and a quarter which is what it took last time!

Tiger was very pleased to be there again and liked the bring and buy.  He had a play on the assault course as did Ot and we saw A with her 2 little ones and finally met L with her 2, also saw S and her 2 from another meeting we haven’t been to for a while.  Tiger played for a bit with F and J (S and L’s 2 boys) all these letters are getting a bit confusing!  He then seemed to prefer to play with his newly acquired digger in the mud.  W arrived with her 2 little ones and it was nice to say hello, they were still getting over their rotten colds :0( 

A gave me some tips with the Ergo and I’ve been a bit more confident with using it, Ot likes it  best on my back but I still need a bit of help getting himon….getting better tho…the only problem is that when he wants to come out he pulls my hair…not fun!

We had to leave at 3 to make sure I got mom home in time for E’s football, I lost track of time so had to race off without saying goodbyes…must not do that next time…need to get my watch fixed.

Anyway, whilst Tiger didn’t exactly socialise hugely he had fun and he had the opportunity to and that’s what I think I need to make sure he has, the opportunity-if he’s happier/happy playing on his own then that’s his choice as long as it’sa choice not because I haven’t provided the opportunity.

Watched the man scarifying the grass, Tiger wouldn’t talk to himwhich was a bit unfortunate as he was a nice man and T could have sat on his quad machine thingy!

Still find talking to people hard, I just seem to lack conversation skills…….I worry that I come accross as rude or moody…..I’m not just crap at thinking what to talk about……

I quite fancied trying skating on Wednesday but think it might be a good idea to take Rich first time with Ot as he’s very good at being chilled about new stuff and  it’s always best if the first time trying  something new is fun and goes well….mom was a bit to nervous about going with me I think.

Spoke to K on Wednesday morning and it was good to speak to her, hopefully O will be better and we can actually get together next week.

Went to the gym on Wednesday and then did some playing in the garden, went to the craft patch to grab some glue, and to staples to order some card. And got new shoes for both, need to take T back to get trainers as Ot had to have these and T really wanted them but had already gone outside in his shoes. Took mom home, a long but fun day.  Educational bits included: phonics and reading, reading stories with nanna, bit of writing and drawing, listened to even more of the history CD and had some interesting discussions about bits and words.  He likes it but it needs more reinforcing, I like it but can miss huge bits when we’re in the car. 

Thusday and Friday….


just a quick one before I forget, not that anything really spectacular happened….Thursday to be really honest I can’t remember much :0) we stayed in played, read and had chips for tea….The big news for Thursday was that Petal (next sister down from me age wise-yes it’s a nickname) got a place on a BSc in sports coaching at Uni!  Yahooo!!!!  SO very chuffed for her, she’s doing it as a mature student, off her own bat and after financing her own swimming teaching qualifications and doing some NVQ’s via work…..(lifeguard/swimming teacher/leisure attendant)… that was Fab!

Friday was tumble tots, whilst we enjoyed it, I wish I’d stayed to see what Tiger was up to (he wanted me to go…that should have told me something) as when I peeked through the window he seemed to be waving a ribbon on a stick quite ferociously near another child and no one seemed to be noticing…..wonder if they just don’t positively re-direct?  Also he was once again really sweaty and hot…generally indicating that he’s been running around quite a bit and tumble tots isn’t really that kind of activity… where was he running I ask myself?  I think that regardless of Tiger wanting me to disappear and whether people will think it odd I’m going to stay next week…..

Anyway, after tt’s we went to The Oak House…Tiger really liked it, he was very fast but did take time to look in the treasure chests, look out of the windows listen to some of the pertinent bits (toys they played with, when they went to bed, weeing in the fire!).  He liked the rickety stairs and the chairs.  Ot also really liked it, babbling and pointing at all sorts…We all quite liked the kitchen, although Tiger tried to eat the pretend sweetcorn! Unfortunately forgot the camera memory card so no piccys :0(….you can’t take any inside anyway!

Tea was very naughty, chinese take-away so I’m back to pretty much where I started the week so I’m feeling lke I’m not going to make my summer target…I need a willpower injection!