Wednesday Whoopsie….


We all overslept this morning….well…we slept in as the getting up time was self imposed! We roused ourself and did a little bit on Saxon place names then I cooked breakfast whilst we were making up our imaginary landscapes with Saxon place names.  After hot chocolate, noodles, scrambled egg and boiled egg and toast combos we were ready for a quick bit of gods and religion.

The boys found the similarities between some Christian celebrations and pagan festivals quite  interesting and loved playing the game where we used what we had found out to ID which god or goddess was stuck to our head…..cries of more were heard!

We grabbed some crisps and drinks and watched a few video clips from horrible histories and some other bits we found then found out some more about crime, justice and punishments in Saxon times.  We worked out the weregild that would be awarded for some different injuries and compared modern and Saxon punishments-led to an interesting few thoughts about what a real punishment was for a ‘crime’ and why the Saxons chose certain punishments.

We didn’t get to the nature journal or the 10 minute tasks but that’s OK-we still did have a lot of fun :0)


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