Maps, Minecraft and Midday Rising!


Midday and T is up-I chose not to re-wake him as the stuff today is fairly simple and he was obviously tired.  A bit of jigging about of things and B and Ot worked on Anglo Saxons this morning. Did their maps; filled in the missing words and both enjoyed making their Anglo Saxon Villages……Ot chose to make his in Minecraft-it was ace and I was really impressed with the extra little details he’d added into his labels.  B did his as a paper map and then aged it-which he was really pleased with.  We worked on the labels together and how to spell the words.  B has done some lovely handwriting today.  Everyone has just had dinner (popcorn chicken wraps) and are watching a little bit of battle bots before we embark on this afternoon’s adventure.

Did a guided meditation with Elliot and Ben who really enjoyed it-next time I think we will go up to my room where post people and dogs cannot disturb us.  It was a meditation to relax, let go of fears, worries and then to help find a word and symbol for us this year as well as to energise and feel positive. Afterwards, there was lovely discussion with Elliot and Ben; some of Elliot’s comments led to quite a deep conversation about what he felt was important to him this year.  Both of them enjoyed sketching out images from their mediation including maps (Elliot mapped how he felt at different points which was really interesting too), keys, doors they saw and their symbol and words.

We followed this up with a brisk walk with the dogs (managing to be moving for 1hr+).  There was ball throwing and stick battles then back home for some screens and cooking tea!  I have managed to watch the warm up videos for lifebook 2017 which is an art course I am doing this year so hoping to get that underway soon.  Amazingly I actually have tea nearly ready, toad in the hole with roast potatoes and maple/mustard glazed carrots and parsnips!


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