Wowzers!  A new year, with a heap of new possibilities.  I am going to try and blog more this year (not hard to do really….once I’ve done this post I think I will have blogged more than last year!).  Currently sat on the sofa with Sherlock (our border collie not Benedict…..although they both could be shortened to BC…) having just squeezed through the plan for the week (we start back on our structured things tomorrow when Daddy goes back to work).

This week we are going to ‘do’ Anglo Saxons….well we’re going to have a quick whizz through the main bits as they’ve been hanging around for ages and we are all ready to move on. Given the big gaps we’re kind of going back to the beginning for a re-cap.  We had been using the CPG books-they are fab in that you read, do and then you’re done but…..not all that inspiring really so we will use the info book alongside some twinkl resources for Anglo Saxons but add in our own activities.

Themed weeks have worked in the past and are a nice way to get back into the swing of things really.

I have a rough timetable for our first week-I timetable it out to make sure it’s reasonable in terms of the amount we’re doing, to make sure to fit in dog walks and also because Ot likes to know the order and time things are happening. We have a screen-bargo until 3pm unless it is for a task we’re doing and no online chat/gaming until after 3pm.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 19.23.53.png

We’re starting off with thinking about our word of the year, kind of the work to guide and inspire us;  the plan is to brainstorm lots of positive words, use thesaurus etc and then see if there is one that resonates with us.  We are also taking part in a HE art swap on FB and sending illustrated words to other families at the end of Jan so we will be choosing some words for those too.  I am hoping that we get to illustrating our own word or one of the words for the swap this week but will come back to them next week too.  I like this idea better than resolutions and I’m planing to have all of our words displayed where we will see them a lot.

Our Anglo Saxons  is broken down into chunks which generally have a powerpoint or video to watch and some kind of task.  I’ve used twinkl power points for speed and some of their sheets but put in some more interesting tasks.

Invaders:  Look at how the Anglo Saxons got here, watch horrible histories (Hengist and Horsa  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j7JFIMfu4o).  There is a quick missing word passage that we may do and a map of the different Anglo Saxon Kingdoms.  Then we can have an explore of: http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zq2m6sg .

Viliage Life: read through the presentation and  use http://www.earlybritishkingdoms.com/kids/saxon_trades.html to find out about some different jobs.  we may create a written advert for an Anglo Saxon job or we may not.   After we’ve been out to walk the dogs and clear our heads, we’ll come back and finish off the  second part of the powerpoint which is about a typical village-this is our main task and we will create it using lego, blocks, paper….whatever with labels.  we may add the people that do the jobs too.  We will use the BBC site to help, and have an explore on http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/saxons.html too.

Wednesday is  a peek into place names (there are aha moments to be found here as we live close to lots of places that have their names rooted in Anglo Saxon times).  We will more than likely make up an imaginary map complete with place names in the style of Saxons. Gods link in nicely with place names as we can find out about the names of the days of the week-we’ll have a bit of fun with a posit game (a bit like head bandz game) where they will have the name of a god or goddess on their head (which they don’t know) and have to figure out who it is using yes or no questions. Crime and punishment will be calculating weregild and no doubt some interesting discussions on which punishments were ‘fair’.  We will settle down with some snacks and watch Beowulf and we have a beautiful book to look at too.

Thursday Morning is a bit of history detecting, looking at artefacts and what they can tell us.  We may listen to History of the world 100 objects.  We will have an investigate here Staffordshire hoard as we saw the hoard  during the summer.  We will have a look at the CPG book too.  Then it’s a look at Anglo Saxon Kings, a quick timeline activity and hopefully time to explore any other things which have popped up that are of interest before we bring it all together in the Afternoon.

By the time we get to Thursday Afternoon we should have enough info, ideas and interests to create our own adobe voice presentation-Anglo Saxons in a minute or near enough-This is the part where we priorities what we’ve found out, by their historical importance and those things of interest to us.



In amongst that we will also be starting to do ’10 minute tasks’.  These are things that really benefit from little and often-hence 10 minutes every day.

These are our 10 minute tasks this week:

  1. MFL
  2.  maths facts-various apps for X tables (T); B and O prodigy maths
  3.  Nessy (B)/ Typing (O&R) 
  4. sewing/sketching
  5. musical instrument (1:1 lesson session once per week other days independent practice  B-Ukele/recorder; O-Piano; T-Piano)
  6. Computing-various apps/online…..tynker; code combat

There are a couple of things I’m still waiting on log in details for so slightly adapted this week (also we only have 2 days worth of 10 minute tasks this week).

Our nature study is going to be starting our nature notebooks and looking at winter skies.  I’ve found some possible watercolour tutorials to link in with this.  The simple landscape is a good one to start with.

On Friday we will be setting our personal Academic goals……but phrased as I want to do more….I want to do less…… I want to practice…… trying to make sure we build in lots of success;  making our bucket lists and setting up the boys with their own blog-in which they will write every Friday morning……and that is our week…….as with any plan it is uber flexible and it’s going to be interesting to see how it changes and what our week really looks like!







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