Wet Weekend!


It has been wet-very wet!  We went swimming on Saturday, Ot was working on arms and breathing and Tig was working on dolphin kick amongst other things.  b i going to try a session next week to see how he goes.  After swimming we went to Sandwell valley for a play on the park then we went to Toys R Us for the boys to spend their pocket money.  Ot bought himself a draughts set, B got a joker and Mr freeze to go with his bat cave and TIg got Rocka 4.0- a  hero factory model.  Some playing in the afternoon and some Batman in the evening.

Today we’ve pottered, popped to the Holly Bush and got a freestanding folding pen for the pigs-it’s been to wet to let them out outside and we thought they could do with a bit of play time!  We grabbed sawdust and hay to clean out this week.

The boys tried grapefruit for the first time-it was quite a sweet grapefruit in my opinion but I’m not sure they’d agree!

Grapefruit eating 2012-04-22 002Grapefruit eating 2012-04-22 004Grapefruit eating 2012-04-22 009Grapefruit eating 2012-04-22 015

Ben did some playing on a new game with dh-lots of great fine motor, logical thinking, speed decision making going on as well as estimating lengths, matching, sequence remembering and more….bet you didn’t know that ‘Tap the Frog 2’ was educational!

Grapefruit eating 2012-04-22 020

After that we had cake and sandwiches for dinner then went and played hockey on the road to nowhere-everyone enjoyed it and showed great improvement in dribbling, passing and stopping-B just did his own thing whilst I helped Ot and dh helped Tig-sounds bad but it worked well as B already had the idea of dribbling!  Unfortunately Ot managed to ‘drop; a stick down the drain so we had to abandon and go home to get the crowbar-dh went back and rescued it!

We read a bit about legionaries, their armour and talked about why there might be a fort in Lunt ready for our trip tomorrow but not too much detail!  I started a weblist fro Romans and we watched a video from that.  We had a look at the artefacts we borrowed from school but we’ll do more with them after Tuesday.

We had some guinea time and then baths for everyone and a bit of Xbox playing before bed.

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